:John's Voice:

ministry placement up
we know it took longer then we figure, but we did it - given coding issues, design issues and just dealing with the time to do it, along with living our lives and keeping our families happy - but the ministry placement is up and running - in beta....
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:Keith's Voice:

THE GOSPEL: For Here Or To Go? (The Book)

"Learning to live an incarnational life is essentially about re-learning what it means to be human, and how to relate to other humans as a human be...
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Steven's Voice:

Did You Have A Choice?
I have started to go to counseling. My wife and I decided that it would be best to work out some of my personal issues before I plunge into full-time ministry. I do think it is important for me to get some of my stuff straight before I embark on a...
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on culture

My utopia
A 'what would it look like'list ...
Chicklets don't belong in your nostril.
My kids are a great inspiration ...
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beyond the neutral



and purely love us

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on worship

Reflective Communication: Beyond Information Overload
A few minutes ago I checked my B...
Singability and Guitar Solos
Singability and Guitar Solos ...
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faith stories

Is Anything too Hard for the Lord?
How I finally became a published...

The Dessert
An short story introducing Broth...

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on theology

Let the Ashes Linger
It is a tradition at many church...
Unforgivable And so I tell yo...
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dude, lighten up. it's just jesus-oprah.
We're afraid to laugh at Oprah, ...

Lent: Learning Limits, Leaning, & Limping
I used to think fasting during L...

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open positions


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position papers

A Brief Case for Orthodoxy
We can't throw the baby out with...

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get evolved:

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3 Simple Ways To Open Source Your Weekend Gathering
MarkVans from The read more]


random voices:

Music as Language

Uncensored Grace on the Streets of Vegas

10 reasons why your church sucks

Reflective Communication: Beyond Information Overload


se7en questions:

here are a few people who have taken the "se7en questions"

Andrew Perriman

tom hohstadt

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what others are saying about us:

I have found encouragement through stuff Ive read on this web page. I found this web page through Nexus Church, Thanks for the encouragement to be his hands and feet. Maybe Sunday Christians need the most grace? God has shown that he thinks quite different than I do. [DAniel in Canada]

it never seems to fail, ginkworld has what i am looking for [amber, tampa, fl]

Rock on!! I think I just found people who love the Lord and live it. the word has set me free and the church has beaten me into a state of robotic submission trying to conform me into a little beige puppet of no use to any one but the potluck blue hairs. Live it C.[colleen scholl Kerrville, Tx]

i want to engage the culture that im removed from in the xn college bubble, i want to learn to see from eyes that arent mine to spill light in words understandable [josh, cedarville oh]

i like it! its refreshing, original and bluntly honest. this is what the church needs desperately right now. the world is sending the church a message. you have your finger on the pulse of many outside the church today. [michael, gilbert, az]

confirms concerns i have developed over the institution of "church"...and real desires and purpose of the body of believers. [jody sneed, midland, tx]

i think www.ginkworld.net is an excellent site. its up front w/the word, and i look forward to knowing more, and learning from it as well as telling others about it. [joy in the phillippines]

sir, you must stop calling. the white house considers this harassment. we have your number, and the secret service will be contacting you. [the white house]

ive been pretty impressed with the level of authenticity and sometimes brutal honesty in this site and the postmodern theology group on yahoo. [bigolewannabe, KS]

i love this site. as a church planter in the sf bay area, the discussions with other church planters and christian thinkers is incredibly helpful. [james in redwood city]

since i found ginkworld about 6 months ago i have loved the articles, ideas, and interviews i have found here. of all of the sites that claim to deal with postmodern issues, this is the on that i most seem to resonate with and that that expresses what i am and that challenges me to keep thinking. keep up the great work. [j.hall, oklahoma city, ok]

postmodern in thinking and discussion, but in graphics, way, way, way too safe! and, I beg to differ, hardly postmodern. needs a fresh edge. keep pushing! [Ross Morgan, National Graphic Designer for Youth for Christ Australia]

wow - a site on postmodern and faith, and actually is postmodern!! [janet, australia]

why are you bugging me? get away from me. if you dont leave me alone i will mace you! i have no idea what you are talking about. please, leave me alone or i will scream fire!! [a lady at the bus stop]

Ginkworld is evil and I would never recommend it to anyone. You seem to be wanting to ask questions that should not be asked, and never answered. As a Sothern Baptist Minister I see this site as going against the True and Only church of God. [mike, tx]

it is nice to find a place where i can read the thoughts of others who think like me, and yet different from me. i like this site, please keep it going in the direction it is going. [mel, OR]

i think its very creative and super cool, i have never seen a web blog so intense like this before... keep it coming along and rock on. [josephine, florida]

refreshing, original, honest, caring and just in your face. this is what the church needs right now. the world is sending the church a message and the church is not listening, but ginkworld has its finger on what the church needs to hear. [george, la, ca]

the gink is goooood. as dan kimball said on his site could get lost for hours in here. [lucas]


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