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Chicklets don't belong in your nostril.

by: Christine Goertzen

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My kids are a great inspiration to me.  I have probably learned more about life by watching them then anything else.

I have 3 kids and they keep me hopping.  One, I could define as my poetic deep thinker.  The other...well, 'still waters run deep' in that boy.  And the last is a little tornado that hasn't yet seen any boundaries in life.  I admire them and love them deeply. 

The parent/child relationship that I have with them is deep, beautiful and ever provoking.  I am learning to be self less in my love.  I have learned more about self control and long suffering because of them. 

They have also brought great wisdom into my never stick a chicklet gum into your nostril (because after a while it will sting and foam).  And toilet brushes are strictly for the toilet bowl and not hair.  Anything but toast in a toaster is never a good idea - ever.  AND permanant marker means just that - it's permanant. 

I have also found that I laugh more and smile more.  Like, 'poop' really is a funny word when you say it over and over again and jumping on beds is a riot.

I have had to learn how to 'let' my kids do things on their own.  Then when they start to cry and say ' I can't' - I help. 

When they fall and skin their knee I am most always there to pick them up and give a kiss and a bandaid. 

When it's time for a hair trim (not 'cut') as that implies something more serious to my 3 yr old.  I am there.  I dread it as much as him - believe me.  There is only so many ice cream bribes one parent can use.

I am not perfect by any means. 

 I am the referee when none of them can see eye to eye or get along.  I try my best to lend an ear to each of their complaints against the other....and then do my darndest to adminster fair judgment.  Which is never easy, cause each of them has a point. 

I have often wondered if God is as enamoured with me as I am with  my children?  Ever wonder if He experiences the same things with us as we do with our kids?  I think He does. 

There are a few things that I think I have begun to understand about God as my Father.  We have a unique relationship with Him.  Sometimes I think we lose sight of that.  He is our Father.  For those that didn't grow up with an earthly father - He is a Father to the Fatherless.  He has also been described as a Husband - but that's another topic all together. 

He is there when we fall off our bikes and get road rash.  He puts on the bandages, picks the rocks out of the wound and kisses us better.

He protects us from bullies.  He makes sure we don't bully others - and when we do we get 'the look'.

When I am stuborn and say I want to do it on my own - He lets me try.  When I realize 'I can't' - He helps. 

When I simply can't get along with my brothers or sisters - He listens and judges the situation fairly.  And sometimes that means I owe an apology to someone.

He loves me deeply. 

He laughs because of me.  I laugh because of Him. 

I have tried His patience and provoked Him.  Guess what? He still think I am cool. 

There is such beautiful simplicity in the relationship.  Even though there is such deep complexity. I am not trying to over simplify it.  Just draw a parallel that I think works.

I hope that you find your connection with your Father God.  I am finding mine.  I want to understand it more.  I want 'to want' to understand it more. 

In that process I really pray that we can all grasp even more what Paul meant when he said "...One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all..." Eph 4:6. 

Christine Goertzen




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