WELCOME TO THE "NEWLY EVOLVED" GINKWORLD:  we are ever changing and ever evolving, as a site and as a people of faith; we are evolving.  we are asking questions, seeking to walk a faith journey were questions are acceptable and answers are not forced; we are evolving.  if your faith walk is marked by absolutes we may not the place for you; but if you question, wonder, dream and evolve, we just may be your place.  if you ask the question "what if the church truly did love and forgive?" we just might be a place for you; you just may want to "join the evolution.

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Latest Voices

1: beyond the neutral 2007-09-19

elastics banners.. forced impressions.. eclectic nuclear blast… family diminished… frozen stereotypes… embellished desires… evaluations.. erroneous… the element of surpr

2: compression 2007-09-17

condensation bellows through the crowds of my futurewith the mist of worship

3: center 2007-09-12

i  break into a cleanspace of reasoningbeyond the sacrificial rumbles of the un

4: and purely love us 2007-09-07

dignity plays softly into the hands of a gentle soul as we dine from the dark forces

5: and purely love us 2007-09-07

dignity plays softly into the hands of a gentle soul as we dine from the dark forces

6: golden treasures 2007-09-04

shadowed overlays of golden stream treasuresforming throughout the entire blissful earthbeginning with the endand the end responding as the beginningof the Alfa son of righteousnessthe omega with no b

7: Where is the Love? 2007-09-03

When did Christianity turn into a religion of hate?

8: Is Anything too Hard for the Lord? 2007-07-19

How I finally became a published novelist.

9: savior 2007-07-18

i lay here tiredi lay here bleedingi need your touchi need your tranquil whisperfind me there hoping..find me there risking..everything that i amyou’ve become my savioryou’ve become my saviori have no

10: never be the same 2007-07-12

bracing the turmoil    brazenly tired in my skini flesh it out of my twenty first century skullwith no apparent pause and with my hand cutto the quick sands of the moons crustthese nail

11: Church Signs 2007-06-29

This article is a brief look at how the world perceives many churches by the words on their signs and what it might say about the God they serve.

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