community main: "connect, touch, there is no other way to live"


Blog Roll

we have over 300 blogs listed and it grows weekly.  on this page you will find a wide variety of blogs, with a wide variety of voices sharing a wide variety of ideas - the possibilities are endless

Coffee Shops

because no everyone meets in a old building.


this page is filled with yahoo groups you can belong to and express your voice.  some are large while others are small - take a look around and see where you want to vent your voice


a collection of other voices


pictures, art and the - nice connection


because we are not called to "lead" but we are called to follow

life cycle

this page lists a bunch of different ministries designed to help you no matter what station you're in in life.


a list of people who have myspace accounts


hearing, no matter where - the ipod opened the door, and many went in.

study pages

learning to walk in faith


resources for all worship need.


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