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aaron's blog - Its a blog. Its about life, church, ministry, friends, theology, faith, family.... its for sinners, saints, and ice cream truck drivers (God Bless them everyone).

alientribe - jesus-followers who are asking how best we can have conversations with people who are anti-church but pro-god; we're trying to figure out what the post-church church looks like...

ALTER - a blog for us stifled emergents who hate being labeled emergent... 

A Different Perspective - An emerging church podcast and blog from the General Editor of THEOOZE.

act one program - A Hollywood-based ministry that trains Christians for careers in the mainstream entertainment industry. Faculty include Scott Derrickson ( and Dean Batali (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That 70s Show).

Adventures on Planet Earth - Life is the greatest gift. Sharing your life with God and with others, is even greater. Live the adventure.

peter attwood 

a life today - A Life Today: inspiration, devotion, photography, technology, and passion




blog - great blog by outside the lines lover of Jesus

scott bridwell - He's just trying to figure out this thing called faith.

richard burley


the bridge

the blender

being free - i like being free. i like the way it feels

The Blog of Brother Maynard - "Live your faith. Share your life." comments_on_minisry = thoughts from a very distracted mind. blog of the lead pastor of the evergreen community in portland, or. 

brad and geo

Bethany Community Church - Musings from the pastor of an intergenerational church in Seattle wrestling with the modernist/postmodernist tensions

becoming anakainoo - a written expression of the endless journey of becoming renewed.  I invite you to join me in "the conversation" as I am continually looking for companions to share this adventure with.




Wendy Cooper

Copernican Revolution 

Charlotte prayer - Towards 24/7 worship and intercession... our journey in Charlotte, NC

chuckscott. - a glimpse into my life, God and the church city

circle of dionysius - Circle of Dionysius is a space for embryonic musings about emerging culture, new spirituality, alternate Christianity and the ironies of life while journeying with Jesus.

Canaan Calling -

creation, emergent uk media arts - emergent uk is part of the emergent village. This page is part of the resources for the uk.

CRM - Church as Potluck: everyone has something to bring and if you don't get fed, it's your own fault.

Changemaker: Healing Mind, Body and Soul  is a blog that is committed to the basic belief that each person has the opportunity for self-discovery and the potential for self-healing. As individuals, we sometimes choose paths that may be harmful to us. To get off that path and onto a new road takes exploration and experimentation. 

christ as me

church spy - confessions of an ecclesial corporate spy; musings for emergent thinkers in the institutional church 

jamie carie - Inspirational Historical Romance Writer - To tell of the great love of God through the power of "story."




Dear Yet Living

Discipleship website - This is a journal and clearinghouse for interactions regarding Christian responsibilities in the arts and visual culture. 

dream awakener - helping to start communities of faith in the heart of los angeles

Dreamers of the Day - Shane Tucker, Columbus, Ohio, USA originally, now Ireland

do YOU think IT'LL fly? - tracking expressions of church in canadian youth culture


The Dailey Blog - the Force, thimbles, culture, relationships, emergent

d3 eministry -  a voice of one crying in the wilderness…of cyberspace

drew moser - A meandering collection of reflections from a twenty something pastor devoted to pomo theology, the emerging church, and other buzz words.




emerging minister blog - an emerging minister in every town USA shares thoughts on faith and culture in an emerging world. Blog is intended to share as many practical worship experience planning resources as possible.


Emerging In Raleigh

Emerging SBC Leaders

Eclectic Itchings -  Reflections on the challenges facing Christians in the emerging postmodern culture

emerging  story - A discussion on the Emergent Church & Postmodernity.

Ekstasis -  Journeys in trance, meditation, mysteries and Christ consciousness 

existential punk

expedition to the pole - Journeying within Christ's sight; aggressively informal devotions, studies and discussions 

eric david

emergent voyageurs

emerging connexion - emeRging :: conneXion, aggregating global conversations on the emerging church city

emerging pensees - thoughts on God, faith, life, and the emerging church from a church planter in the Chicago area

eternal dialogue  a place for Christians to get together a discuss topics relevant to today's church and faith in the present world

E-Merging - E-Merging is my blog on issues pertaining to emergent faith, and other various issues.

emerging worshiper - Engaging the emerging dialogue from a worshiper's perspective.





mark freier - I am embracing my identity as God's Beloved!

for the time being

the provisional thoughts of geoff holsclaw: emerging church pastor, student of philosophy and theology, and everything else postmodern  

Darren Friesen - the invisible sun


Levi Fuson - My journey into the Postmodern. Fatherhood... Faith... Love... Life

faith on my sleeves - A Celtic American Youth Missionary/ Worship Leader Blogging about life, faith, family and so on... 

foreign devil -  Travelers tales from a strange land

A Scandinavian journey,  The need for new churches for a new generation... my passion is reaching the postmodern people in Sweden, Finland and Norway...

faith revolution -  a journey of discovery.

fractal generation - Reviewing resources for youth ministry, worship, being church, emerging conversations and much more

free donuts - FreeDonuts Corporate Church of Creative Life, a blog that deals with God, Christian TV, prophecy.

From The Island of Patmos - Revelations through the eyes of a youth pastor in Victorville, CA

FOCUS* - A community of faith, love, and hope

Fusion - We're a community of young people who want to usher in a revolution of love and authentic discipleship in our generation.




the gaze

goodmanson blog

craig burrows - Christian faith and search in the Philippines c




kevin hartwig

Howler's Update

Alison Hawke

home front - BLOG of Chris Gonzalez, Marriage and family therapist explores issues of marriage, family, faith, culture...and everything else. 

harvest stone - The personal blog of Paul Vieira, author of the book "Jesus Has Left the Building" - and also is part of a community of lovers of God who often meet around the table, in homes, restaurants, coffee shops or wherever two or three can gather.




iggie's corner

Inside Mike's Head - A new Methodist minister thinks out loud about church, ministry, life and theology

In Our Poverty - Dedicated to the belief that God longs for the greatest possible good in all of life's circumstances, and that our purpose is to work toward this good by sharing with one another the beauty of God's love through grace, mercy and compassion.

Inner Thoughts of a Questioning Mind - Thoughts on Life, Love, and Faith.



Jesus Geeks Theology

john jenzen  

Jesus Museum

The Journey of kaleos - This site tracks the life of a church planted in San Diego.

John's Thoughts - Random ramblings about life, the church and where we're heading on this journey of life...

the journey

jay zay - ministry of jayzay & mothers

jabberwocky - the blog site of sling n' stone - a gaggle of oddball missional Christ-followers in natchez, mississippi

Jeremy Hudson - Jeremy Hudson is Pastor of theGathering, a post-modern church in Amarillo, Tx. He and his wife Sandy have been in ministry for over 14 years. While seeking God's plan for his life, Jeremy realized that he has been called to reach out to people who have fallen between the cracks of organized religion. His methods may seem strange and his words blunt, but Jeremy loves God with everything that he has and he loves people enough to share God's awesome story with them any way he can think of.

john smulo - The blog exists as part of the missional conversation in the blogosphere.




Thomas Knoll - my personal blog blog.  just the thoughts of a winsome prophet

kingdom citizen

timothy kirby




The Living Room - Living room is a small emerging church meeting in cafes, homes and other public spaces in the inner north of Melbourne Australia. 

Lucas Land's Blog - one more blog for you to read... one more thing to keep me off the streets

lutheran confessions - young theologians thinking through and commenting on the Lutheran Confessions

Laura's Mind - is a blog where I think about the intersection of college ministry, being a seminary student, and Christian life in general.

lighthouses - Up, In and Out: God, Community and Mission

Living the Life - the life and times of a 24 year old living life among Buddhist Monks, prostitutes and street kids of Asia in a true attempt to love God and thy neighbor.

lanceslide- A community of emerging church planters and missional pioneers

loud time - A blog about the spirituality of life together 




Modern Heresy blog - tainted truth of re/deconstruction

momento a momento

mission Think


Mountain Path - Join me in my wanderings on a path of finding God. The path may be mountainous, but the experience is life transforming. 

motion sickness - canadian blogging about life as a church planter in East Vancouver

matt nissen -  Thoughts on culture, theology, faith, and everything else...

maurice broaddus - The Pontifications of Maurice Broaddus, pursuing truth in art, science, and religion. (a missional emergent site within the horror writing community)




next,reformation - Seeking a new church in a time of transition... 

nothing, it's just my daily rants - I'm just a Christ lover who love to think differently from others. 

neros horse  Random ramblings on technology, real Christianity, politics, and other miscellany

Northwoods Church - I am the Missions Pastor of Northwoods Church in Tallahassee Florida. My blog is about current issues and my travels and experiences

naked religion - Finding God in the midst of all the hubris

New Life Church Current Events - A discussion of politics and current events that are of interest to the contemporary church of the day. 

nathan colquhoun.- A blog of thoughts, ideas and laments by emerging from a modern church in today's postmodern culture. Also, photography, online sermons and other resources. 




On the journey of faith - Rambling Thoughts of a youth pastor working in the IC. 

John O'Keefe -' main blog

oikos - OIKOS blog

jmfinley.blogspot - a california boy in paris, following jesus everywhere name 

Orizantos - Simple minds for simple people.

organic faith - A Revival Call to a Disillusioned Church: One Young Christian's Journey to Greater Intimacy with God

On Our Face Worship - An ongoing worship discussion.




Penicuik Churches Youth Project - This is just a blog...its not so much about PCYP as it is about my ramblings. 


Pop Culture Junk Mail

Progress: a side-by-side community with South Metro Church in Oklahoma City

The Pragmatic Christian - This pragmatic Christian is primarily concerned with the changes that can occur in one's relationship to God and Christ as well as in one's life as a result of carrying out specific actions. In particular, the act of invoking faith.

phantom church - a blog of my thoughts on the elusiveness and illusions of living in a community of faith

pjeffy - view of life from an inner city pastor

paddy pace 




Quest Ministries - promoting spiritual transformation through the following of the Ten Transformations and the establishment of small communities of faith - Intentional Covenant Fellowships (ICFs).

quest ministries - a ministry of guidance on the journey of faith and building communities of faith 




recoverme - A blog for spiritual recovery and growth! Also hosts weekly blogging on sermons at Cedar Ridge Community Church.

RoDog - Thoughtful interchange with other postmodern musers.

rambling adventures - my rambling thoughts on God, the kingdom-life today, what church looks like, what community really means, and how to live mercy and grace and forgiveness every day. and coffee, really good coffee.

the road home - |:|the road home is just thoughts concerning life and pursuits in ministry...


Rushan's personal musings - Rushan's personal musings and conversations about the emerging church, postmodernism, culture, spirituality, the journey of life, youth ministry, church growth and loads more. "A Considerable Speck" is a poem by Robert Frost - one of my favorite poems by him, hence the decision to use the title as the title of this blog. I'll leave it up to someone else to work out if it has anything at all to do with the content of this blog. 

Rude Armchair Theology - Musings of an American Anglican who's learning to be missional and emergent.

regeneratex - we reflect on being the Church Jesus died for without all the unnecessary additives

Real Meal Ministries - Real Meal Ministries seeks to walk faithfully in the footsteps of Jesus, to be known by love, and to incarnate the hope found in him by offering biblical reflections on mission, holiness, and community.

Reflections of a Sojourner -Riffin' on a life in Christ with post-evangelical emerging attitude




The Salvation Army - Blog, articles and free ministry web-design.

tim samoff - Personal Weblog of Tim Samoff (i.e., Jesus Christ, art, music, philosophy, postmodernism, etc.)

signposts - a collection of random musings about the challenges for the church in the new millennium name 

Mike Sanders

the searching - a growing collection of the thoughts of one on the search for selah--the incarnate essence of the ineffable God. Living... loving... learning... laughing.

Doc Searls


saint mary's united church

slainte-mhath -  just the personal blog of stephen wilkins; a record of growth in christ

subversive1 - Behold the ethereal domain for the writings of Keith Giles.

Sarah Raymond Cunningham The blog of Sarah Raymond Cunningham, founder of Portal Ministries. Musings of a lifelong learner in the faith.

story of a girl. - .miracles in the life of a simply complex punk girl for Jesus.

St Paul's Youth - Blog maintained by members of St Paul's Youth reflecting on issues of community, faith, theology, spirituality, culture, life and anything else they can think of.

Soleil Rider

St. Paul's Collegiate Church Blog - Blog for St. Paul's Collegiate Church at Storrs--an emergent church plant in Storrs CT. 

sing it again - This site is just my blog - my personal thoughts, my spiritual journey, and the occasional soapbox at times. I'm just getting started with this one, so another point of reference is my xanga, at 

sheep in the way - Practical resources for everyday saints

symphonic -  symphonic is disorganized religion. it is a Reality based church.

Simplify - Releasing the grip of popular culture

kevin subers - A guy from Doylestown, PA talking about my faith, culture, books and other things

semper reformanda (Always Reforming) - This is an intellectual, missional, confessional, reformational, spiritual, and confused blog. The purpose is to get my thoughts out into the world, adding to the human conversation (and any smaller conversations) in any way I can.

sermonade - Our goal is to create an all-in-one multimedia resource for churches, by helping the add powerful imagery through video and graphic design to their sermons and worship services.

spiritual-formation - promoting spiritual discipleship in christian community

St. Stephen's University - a university devoted to building the ancient future Church. 

Sacred Savage's Blog - I'm a minister (who remains anonymous on my blog because my denom. is pretty legalistic and close-minded...I don't want to lose my license quite yet!) who has become tired with traditional church-ianity, and I've really enjoyed the emergent conversation, including McLaren's books and your own blog, punk monkey

Seeking... - The More I Learn The Less I Seem To Know.




mike todd - Waving Or Drowning?  Working out my personal journey... thinking about the church... open to suggestions! 

This Train - seeking to transform our understanding of church by engaging community, culture and creation. 

torrance first yam - Torrance 1st Baptist  College-age group

thin spaces - Call me emergent, mystic, or what ever -- i want a deeper life with Christ.

tbone323 - I'm a recovering fundamentalist who eyes have been opened to the reality of living the christian life in a post-modern world.

theo speak - Life, theology, and reflections on the journey. 

Thoughts in the Key of B  A place for conversation about faith and culture.

there goes my love - A personal journal and notes from a spiritual journey

torch online - learning to find constant and steadfast truth in a world where nothing is steadfast or constant.

Through a Glass Darkly

the tapestry




Urban Onramps

U2 Sermons - Telling the story of the book _Get Up Off your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog_; lots of general U2 and God stuff as well.

urbanmonks - I'm just a dude, a fellow traveler trying to make his way. But I believe I have a direction. I'm living into the "Way of Jesus." As I go, I'm being accompanied by my beautiful wife Becky, my irresistibly cute daughter Madelyn, and my trusty-dusty friend Reno the dog. Along with about 100 brothers and sisters committed to a community called Trinity in the heart of Kansas City. 

The Underground Community - Our Community (and more importantly much of the New Testament) is dedicated to Experientially learning who and what The Kingdom of God really is.

u b bloggin - It's not WHAT you know that so important, as WHO you know. So we build relationships, have fun, and learn from each other at this little multicultural cafe in the hood, called Unleavened Bread Cafe... thus the site name. Oh, and in three short sessions, U.B. surfin', U.B. emailin' and U.B. bloggin'.




phillip vallelly


vanguard church - the journey forward... exploring the emerging church... navigating postmodern culture... This resource explores how the "evangelical Christian church" (for a lack of a better term) can lead the way in making a difference in a changing world.




Waving Or Drowning? - Contemplating faith, the church and The Kingdom in this postmodern age we find ourselves in.

What is Church?

wee beautiful pict - An experiment! a live blogging tale of emergence A time traveling trainee 7th century monk from north east scotland bumps into a 21st century DJ Haggis

the wall - an incredible interactive matrix of tons of articles, blurbs, and blogs catapulting the church/culture in a new wineskin day and way

worship connection - I am a worship leader who travels to a variety of churches and ministries throughout the body -- to lead worship, train, raise up leaders, and help people have an intimate experience with God. My goals are to help people push aside hindrances and distractions keeping them from encountering the Living God, and to foster genuine discussion of how we are to worship corporately and united within the worldwide community of His Bride.

write on edge: I am a writer who seeks to explore the fullness of passion and freedom through creativity and the arts, unafraid to put my toes over the edge and lean forward.  Questions without answers.  Answers scattered amongst the thorns.






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