egroups that are postmodern, and we recommend.  we are under the impression that these groups are still up and running.  if they are inactive, please let us know so we can delete those from this list.  also, remember - if you have started a group you can add it to ginkworld by going to the addition page.


this is our egroup.  it started as a simple news letter group but has since been re-launched as a full fledged group.  join us as we tackle some of the issues facing the church today. [visit | join]

emerging theology

an egroup started by our founder, john o'keefe, as "postmodern theology" some years back.  this group has grown to over 300 people.  our goal is to be edgy and question a great deal - we truly desire to hear other voices in this group.  we desire to openly discuss the role of culture and our faith walk.  [visit | join]

Thin Places

Thin Places is a forum for Christians looking at the new spiritualities emerging in our culture including New Age and NeoPaganism. Looking at issues of worship contextualisation, mission apologetics and postmodern church reformation.


This is a discussion group focused on issues that relate to worship ministry (within Christian, Evangelical churches) in a post-modern setting (either actual or theoretical)


I am a pastor of a new church in the San Fernando Valley of California that is reaching out to people in a postmodern context. I would love to hear form others that are doing the same or just want to talk about the church and it's roll in culture.


This group is for people interested in discussing the book "A New Kind of Christian" by Brian McLaren (Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001). The focus of this group is not so much theological (although, theological issues will no doubt crop up) as it is spiritual and practical. The main questions we're dealing with have more to do with how this plays out in our everyday lives and how we can go about incorporating some of the ideas in a way that helps us better come to grips with being faithful ... more


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