alternative worship

Provide you with a point of contact for alternative worship and emerging church sites worldwide; Direct you to resources for understanding what alternative worship and emerging church are (and are not); Route you through to places where you can find resources to help you and those with you to create your own new forms of church

the work of the people

one of our fav places

song evolution project

This site is a step forward into the way view the creation and formation of music. The message or the song is a continuously evolving and living entity.

the work of the people

 Our work is to tell the story we share and to ask poignant questions through film, literature, art and music. We engage universal spiritual issues through progressive media. We confess that we are created in the image of God and fulfill our calling by creating and recreating to the 

At Hand Creations

Worship backgrounds and beyond - Visual and technical creations that project the Good News for people's lives today - "The kingdom of God is AT HAND" (Mark 1:15)

Fire and Truth Ministries

Fire and Truth is an outreach ministry bringing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who are in need; through prayer, worship, teaching, and service.


creative church

Creative church exists to provide inspiration, resources, and guidance in (re)integrating the creative arts into worship services.

Fresh Illustrations

No stale cheese here, only fresh hot off the grill sermon illustrations that will make your sermons sizzle.

city on a hill productions

City on a Hill Productions exists to share the message of the gospel through visual media.


molten meditation

Music and scripture for full immersion 


Carlos Aleman

Christian art blog -impacting community with portrait art

worship loops

 A place where creative ministries can buy and sell their video art.


hollywood jesus

this is a great place to find the spiritual nature of films.



james chester band

Postmodern worship band

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