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by: Noel Utter

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condensation bellows

through the crowds of my future

with the mist of worshiping tears

that place of a hush on the mind

restoring this soul leakage

of a prayer language

where comfort struggles desperately

the beginnings that follows me

through column courtyards

of my past failures forgiven…

still i suffer the configuring


of a surface relationship

nominal bait with liturgy

flag stone anointed walls

of memory’s droplet voices

but you feel my heart…

like no other… would?

you know me better

than i know myself?

the ambulance moments

where tears feed me

these dark speech emotions

that do not depend on my needs

how can i comprehend this reality???

when all i’ve every known

is loneliness unedited

and sometimes admitted…

the escapee searching

for a unique worthy path

when everyone wants

to follow someone else’s


but the true shepherd’s tone

in my ear is distinctive…

non manipulative

gentle but reconnecting

that resonates purity

wise but humble

the golden solid grains

of pure holy hands touching

these healthy patterns

dissolving this recovering wound

of wordless emergence

i have formed your essence

within the seed and the egg

and have seen your every thought

and have waited for you to love me

without asking

i have kissed your lips with life

and have held you in my palms

where the nail prints

still remain forever

aching for you with a

passion that will never subside

to perceive your personal expression

articulate my name  


© 2007 noel utter atmospheric breath





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