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1: Where is the Love?
When did Christianity turn into a religion of hate?

2: Church Signs
This article is a brief look at how the world perceives many churches by the words on their signs and what it might say about the God they serve.

3: tatts and too's?
One of the emerging trends in the last couple of years within the Christian community is pearcings and tatts. I just recently got my first Tatt. While I was there - I "think" God sparked and idea in me.....

4: Neo-Denominationalism
“Denominations are breaking down,” or at least so claims the post-modern voices in churches today. But are they really? While there is little doubt that the traditional boundaries between churches seem to be fading, a whole new kind of denominationalism seems to be forming.

5: Barstool Theology
The article is based on the concept on what my church has personally gleaned from the local bar

6: Communities of Parable or Practice?
Jesus used parables to illustrate what the kingdom of God is like. Paul, on the other hand, pointed to living examples of people practicing kingdom-living. Likewise modern local churches should be examples of kingdom-living for the community where they are located.

7: of course it's difficult, i told her
this is an email i sent to a young woman struggling with working for a traditional church. i'm telling her to stay strong. and i'm pissed, but hopeful.

8: 2 simple questions...
A correlation between art and the Word

9: Incramental Change and Band Aid Fixes Won't Cut It Anymore
God has a tendency call his followers to disrupt the status quo. People who do so (e.g., Jeremiah, Jesus) were faithful to their calling even when they knew they wouldn't be popular for saying what they said. Now it's our turn to decide if we will have the couage to decisively disrupt the status quo in our churches so a church remains for future generations. This is our moment to stand up and leave behind our legacy. What will we do?

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