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1: My utopia
'what would it look like if....' is a good question. One worth asking.

2: Chicklets don't belong in your nostril.
Just some thoughts on God as our Father. The relationship between parents and kids and how it relates to our relationship with God.

3: Uncensored Grace on the Streets of Vegas
What does the grace of God have to do with Las Vegas? Quite a bit. Tend to write people off because you feel they're "beyond hope?" Me too.

4: Cultural Relevance
Should we have a higher expectation than relevance?

5: Music as Language
Does the music style of a church create cultural barriers? If so, how does the church achieve diversity?

6: I Got Punk'd By The Onion
Sometimes getting punk'd can wake you up. I recently got punk'd by the onion. The results were surprising.

7: Peace Wreath
peace wreath. Its the hap-happiest time of the year and everything seems to be lining up like reindeer to remind me of it: snow is falling, cookies are baking, lawsuits are being filed. Christmas is right around the corner.

8: my gift wrapped in barbed wire
Recently I was having a conversation with a dear friend. He told me of the heroic story of a well known female doctor and her battle with breast cancer. This doctor has gone through chemo therapy and is having success. Although it has been

9: Those darn college kids...
The question of questions, whoever tells you they have the full proof strategy in reaching this age are merely fooling themselves. In reality, there are innumerable reasons why this age group is straying away from the church, and it can’t be boiled down to being rebellious.

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Stephen Miracle is a man of many thoughts. His current endeavors include being a computer teacher, participating in a worship band, being a visionary, creating the tech side of your ginkworld, and most importantly a compassionate father, husband and son.

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