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1: The way of faith for Alice Cooper
It was recently announced that the biggest hit in the 24-year history of MTV is a program called "The Osbournes." The half-hour show-complete with constant bleeping from excessive foul language

2: Tattooed Love
Bobby Doran is not exactly your typical evangelist. He spends most of his time poking people with sharp objects for a living. Ink, blood, rubber gloves-and a smile. Doran is an artist at The Tattoo Shop in

3: Serious Thinking about Rock and Soul
It has become an annoying cliché to be reminded how much things have changed in the United States since September 11. Be that as it may, it seems that for a little while at least, we were a nation that

4: Bono calls on Christians to battle AIDS in Africa
When rock star Bono wanted to tour the American Midwest to draw attention to the devastating plague of AIDS in Africa, he turned to the Church. On Sunday, December 1, the Irish singer found himself sitting on

5: "Strange Days"
We are living in strange days. Days when that which seems real, isnt and that which would seem surreal, is in actuality, truth. Words can mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean. While George Orwell's 1984

6: Why Churches are REALLY dead...
Each year my husband and I participate in worship services in a little over a hundred different churches, most of which think of our

7: Turning Saddam into Satan - WWJD
We really need a bad guy all the time. That way we keep the spotlight off ourselves. I mean Americans of course when I'm talking about us, because we really hate to see ourselves as foolish or weak or evil. We're the Americans

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