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by: Noel Utter

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i  break into a clean

space of reasoning

beyond the sacrificial

rumbles of the unkind..

and look past the injustice

to see your face..

glowing with perception

and dawn crisp air

into the reflective crevices

of my untapped conciseness

you wait for me there

without conditions

silent stern voice

without toxic condemnation

to marginalize me

and minimize my value

or blindfold me with religions’

fluff and cotton candy

within this stark reality

of human competition

there is confusing stabs

that pierce me deep beneath

the sparkling droplets

of my spirits discernment

you stay with me through this

in the pleasant pastures

of quality moments

of loves language

your creative wisdom

that believes in me

forming this womb

of meaningful warmth

flows it’s rivers of fire

through my leaking heart

this passion beats the drum

of elation out of my veins

like fresh ocean wind

in the eastern skies

you remember my name

for you formed my bones

in my mothers love

and i will continue to spread

these fine seeds

in the morning light

of my visions of you

as your water of life flows

out of my belly

to reproduce new creations

from the gift of joy

you have given me

your kindness and tenderness

makes my following you

a vigorous addictive delight

because the receiving and giving

is one prophetic picture

painted in the sanctuary

of my center


© 2007 noel utter atmospheric breath

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