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and purely love us

by: Noel Utter

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From: доставка цветов Нальчик

dignity plays

softly into the hands

of a gentle soul as we dine

from the dark forces

of growing so old
as the sun disappears

from the foggy ledge

and the mist in our minds

discerning this tightrope

of misunderstands

of the chosen blind children
discreetly i disguise my adult voice

to suit the beggars bread of manners

reading in a bright red light
to face this disorder with wisdoms breath

and with all the zeal of my honesty

as i shoulder the displaced storms

and focus on the children

riding on the worn roofs

of the river mansions

the disposed silently dispute

their misgivings in auction quantities 
as we distill these vacant words

of cyberspace from a spent stranger
the distressed ones, covering their eyes

not to see the light, in the open district

of miniature faint observance

we delay the information

for fear of human rejection
the double doors swing

to the middle of my mind
in the vast coverage

of the downed drama
drinking in no discomfort

with false medication

i endure the pain throbbing

throughout the atmosphere

as the drip of dawn

discovers a new pathway

to wash the slate clean

from the daily nightmare

of being trapped

and not being able

to find a way out?

this realized hatch

from the duchess of loneliness
as the duke pretends

to know which way the wind

will be blowing tomorrow?

but feathery in the end

we are all but a dissolving vapor

and a valued speck of dust

floating from time to eternity

but until we connect

with our creator of life and love

we are a God and savior to ourselves

losing out on this earths greats adventure
so we only see a brief flash

of grace’s eclipse for a moment
so efficiently secure we are gone

we dive into this souls elements

desiring the truthful path of life

needing this fresh bond of mercy

and someone who believes in us

to wrap us in their open arms

and purely love us

© 2007 noel utter atmospheric breath

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