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A Brief Case for Orthodoxy

by: Newbie

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To all that would listen, here it goes...
When revolutions begin and uprisings take place, it is common to overreact especially when it's something we're passionate about. I'm sure that many French nobility had a date with madame guillotine when they may have not been so deserving. It would seem that the pendulum swings and only stays for a moment at correction.
In the attempts of reform to the church, this phenomenon can also be witnessed.Calvin unjustly burned one of his opponents at the stake.  Luther even outright accused the papacy as being the seat of the anti-Christ. Not to over-dramatize current ongoings, but I feel orthodoxy may soon fall victim to a similar fate.
In our reconstructing and de-constructing of the church, doctrine seems to be regarded as undesirable. Most "enlightened" circles snub the word and prefer to walk a new path of just being "biblical." Well, simply put, Christianity is a doctrine - The Bible is a book of many things, one of which is doctrine. Doctrine is not a bad thing. It points us towards the truth, enlightens us, gives us deeper understanding and appreciation of God and what He has done. Even from the early church, we have great doctrinal statements which defined what a Christian was and wasn't. We have creeds and confessions that predate the cannonizing of the new testament that the early church used in order to instruct people what we were about.
People can't avoid it. Doctrine is everywhere. Was Jesus God? Hah! In order to answer that, one will have to give a doctrinal statement. In order for that person to be correct, their answer must be orthodox.
In our new ways of worship and living and in our new lines of thought, we cannot abandon the work that has been laid down by the faithful. They weren't all right, but neither are you. Time has tested and approved many of the doctrines that modern Christianity stands on today. There have been mistakes and there has been room for correction, but overall, prevailing orthodoxy in Christianity is necessary for the continuation so that we may be of one mind and one accord.

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