fair trade coffee suppliers:


little river roasting

Spartanburg, SC a fair trade coffee roasted not far from your new home


bridges fair trade

Bridges Fair Trade Coffee emerged from ideation begun at Northbridge Station. Fair Trade Coffee... Can a cup of coffee change the world? You bet!


just coffee

DePaul University We are trying to promote free trade coffee to coffee shops all over Chicago. I have a close relationship with this organization and wish to put it on the list.


A Lot Of Coffee
Quality freshly roasted organic and fair-trade superior tasting coffees. For those who appreciate a first-rate cup of coffee, care about the welfare of coffee workers and have concerns about the environment.


Cafe Mam Organically Grown Coffee
Grown by Mayan farmers in Chiapas, Mexico. This page brings you information about pesticides, working conditions, the rainforest, and more. If you have been wanting to learn more about these issues, it's a good starting point.


Coffee Fair - Diane C's Shop
When you purchase from Coffee Fair, a portion of the profits from all product sales is distributed to coffee related charities and other non-profit, humanitarian organizations.


Coffee Fair Cafe
100% fairly traded, organic gourmet coffee and teas fresh roasted and shipped within 24 hours of roasting.


Crimson Cup
Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea teaches independent coffeehouses how to be successful in specialty coffee. In addition, they roast a variety of specialty grade coffees from around the world, including estate & certified, fair-trade organic coffees.


Dili Coffee
From the mountains of East Timor. This company is hoping for worldwide support of coffee produced in this region. Learn more about East Timor at the website.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Offers a wide variety of coffees and accessories, including Newman’s Own® Organics coffees.


Greenline Online
Suppliers of organic coffees, chocolates, teas, and a growing list of other organic products, available in the UK.


Grounds For Sharing
This Organic Coffee Subscription Program offers high grade, shade-grown, fair trade coffee to loyal supporters of nonprofit organizations. For each 12 oz. bag of coffee, $2.25 is donated to the supporter's designated nonprofit!


Just Plain Joe Coffee
This whole bean coffee supplier is a veteran owned American company specializing in Arabica blends and specialty flavors.


Madre Coffee and Tea
Offering Shade Grown, Organic coffee that promises a living wage back to the growers. They also sell coffee making equipment and offer an income opportunity for independent contractors.


Muskrat Coffee
A native owned and operated coffee company based on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Ponsford, Minnesota, and promoting fair trade and organic coffee.


Native Coffee Traders
Offering organically grown, chemical free green beans grown in South and Central America and roasted on sovereign Native American Indian territory.


Organic Coffee Co.
Fair trade coffee, certified organic by a third party. Grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. A portion of the money you send for your purchases will be donated to environmental groups. Available online, or in King Sooper's, Safeway and Vitamin Cottage stores.


Planet Bean Coffee
Fair trade, ecologically grown and co-operatively produced coffee - fresh roasted for you in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


Poverty Bay Coffee Company
Micro roaster of gourmet, fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee beans and cold brewed espresso.


Rain Forest Rescue Coffee
How to purchase tree-friendly shade-grown coffee, endorsed by the National Arbor Day Foundation.


Thanksgiving Coffee Company
This environmentally and socially aware company with the motto "Not Just a Cup, But a Just Cup" supplies certified organic, fair trade and shade-grown coffees and teas.




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