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richard burley - founding member at the branch in austin texas

george barna - author and founder of barna research

garrett brown, lead pastor at ShoreLife Church



jordon cooper - founder of www.jordoncooper.com and pastor

andrew careaga   - author of "e-ministry," 

scott callaham - assistant pastor at impact fellowship in arlington, texas.

brad cecil - senior pastor at axxess 

eugene cho - founding pastor at quest in washinton

brett crinmmel - teaching pastor at the church at the crossing

john covell - senior pastor at echo mountain church.  



tim dally, lead pastor at the discovery church in co. 



bill easum - author, and church consultant with www.easumbandy.com

jason evens - the pastor at "the church at matthew's house."



paul fife - senior pastor at the port in Philadelphia



stan grenz - author, postmodern primer, and professor.

marion grau  assistant professor of theology at the church divinity school of the pacific.



david hopkins - editor of www.next-waver.org and one of the pastors at axxess

tom hohstadt - tom is an author and founder of www.futurechurch.net

todd harrington - lead pastor at "the bridge" in gulf breeze florida.



jesus of nazareth - son of God and all around great guy

ron jackson  lead at The EDGE at



dan kimball - author of "emerging church" and leader of vintage faith 


evan lauer - senior pastor at "the surf church" coastland church.

matt liston - lead pastor at great adventure



brian mclaren - pastor and author

jim mefford - senior pastor at bay marin community church (bmcc)

ron martoia - Westwinds and author of "morph"



aaron norwood - lead pastor at the bridge located in tempe az.



doug pagitt - founding pastor at solomon's porch

paul - a disciple of jesus of nazareth

Andrew Perriman of Open Source Theology opensourcetheology  



kevin rains - founding pastor of vineyard central



stephen shields - founder of www.faithmaps.org  

leonard sweet - author, lecture, church consultant and professor at drew university

tom sine - author, and, along with his wife christine, founded "mustard seed associates."   and check out their website www.msainfo.org   

Eric Shanburn - Pastor of the bridge in michigan 



randy walls - with the assembly of God theological seminary

karen ward - a person with a great humor, and a wonderful heart