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by hitting "send" you will forward this form to the webmaster at www.ginkworld.net.  you understand that being added to www.ginkworld.net can take up to two weeks (usually done in a few days) and that there is no guarantee that your site will be added.  we will visit the site you submit.  after submitting the form you will be asked to review the submission and then you will automatically be sent to our home page.  thank you for submitting your ministry with www.ginkworld.net.  this page is powered by our relationship with bravenet.





general information:

what is the web address of your site?


name of the ministry or the community of faith:


in just a line or two ( please keep it short ) describe the church or ministry.  tell us as much as possible, in a little as possible - nothing like asking the impossible: 


where would you like the ministry added:

please remember to select one area, placing a site in "every" section is impossible.


add a community of faith:

(your community of faith, as with all additions to ginkworld, must have a website.  we do not list communities of faith without a website.)


community of faith - your site is the site of a community of faith.  if it is, pleasecheck only if the answer is YES and all that apply)

          you have small/celll groups?

          are you a home church?

          are you missional?

          a ministry of a church?

add to resources:

(to be added to the resource section of ginkworld.  keep in mind that you need to ask yourself, "what is the primary function of our site")


worship resources - your site is dedicated to developing worship resources

small group resources - your site is dedicated to resources for small groups, home churches or "cell" groups

study resources - your site is dedicated to developing study resources

mission resources - your site is a mission organization that is dedicated to volunteers and not collecting money

social action resources - your site is dedicated to a social cause that will better the lives of others

servanthood resources - your site is designed to develop postmodern/emerging leaders.

celtic resources - your site is dedicated to celtic culture

life cycle resources - your site is dedicated to a life cycle - children, dating, marriage, ect.

tattoos and body art places - your site is a tattoo or body piercing site

body piercing and jewelry - your site offers body jewelry

non-signed bands - your site is a site of a non-signed band.

fair trade coffee - your site is a site where people can find information on fair trade coffee.





add to community:

(to be added to the community section of ginkworld.  fill in this area is your site fits any of the following)


coffee shop - you are a coffee shop.

blogs - for bloggers to post their blogs

fotoblogs - mainly a picture blog

postmodern/emerging e-group - you are a egroup where postmodern/emerging issues are discussed

ezines - you are a ezine dedicated to postmodern/emerging thought and articles



if the following is not provided we will not be unable to process your request.


What is your name? 

Where are you from?  

what is your position?  

E-mail address?  


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