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     gink (gingk) n. Slang:  An odd or peculiar person.  [Cf. dial. E. gink trick]

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article main page

general - this is the "catch all" section.  it deals with a ton of stuff and overlaps with the other areas

culture - in this section we explore how faith and culture come together - заказать цветы Тверь - clash - fuse -.

theology - in this area we are looking for articles dealing with theology and hot that theology changes and morphs over time.  

worship - how does your community worship?  the same as others?  different then others?  this area deals with different expressions of worship, and different views.

poems - and in the reality of it all, it does not have to rhyme, it just has to express your heart

stories - truth is found in the narrative.  in that, this section seeks to find reality all around.  stories that build, question and even challenge our faith.

rewrite project - this are is an area where we have been striving to give the scripture a "today" feel - we are not striving to "change" anything, but we are striving to push the edge.

position papers - where we stand on certain issues.  this section desires to express sides to issues, and give others an opportunity to post different points of view.


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