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your walk with christ is personal and collective.  individually we are called to follow and walk with christ as our guide and trust.  we realize that this walk is not completely "individual."  in a "collective" tribal way, we gather to help each other in community.  here is a list of pages we offer with hundreds of resources.  take a deep look, and let us know if we can help in any way.


who is jesus? [+]

a question asked by millions, and one we ask in every section.  each and every generation seeks to find the answer to that question on their own.  we are no exception.  take a look at this article and see what you think; we think you will be surprised.


find a community of faith [+]

if you are looking for a community of faith, we currently have a base of some 400 communities of faith in america, canada, europe and south africa; we also have a denomination page with over 190 different denominations who will help you find a community of faith in your area.  if, after visiting one of the communities of faith in our data base and you find that they are not postmodern, please let us know - we are striving to keep a solid postmodern base.


blogs [+]

we added a new section dealing with blogs, and we hope you like.  we added several friends, and other blogs we have visited.  we need to be honest and say that we did get some of the blogs, from other blog pages.  enjoy, and get connected.


your prayer [+]

prayer is our connection with God.  we offer a huge list of prayer resources for you to select from.


your chat [+]

while we are always looking for new chat rooms for people to join, we have a selection of chat rooms right now.  if you know of any chat rooms, let us know.


your voice [+]

what do you have to say?  send us your essays, your poems, your short stories, your jokes and what ever else you believe will add to our community.


your studies [+]

be in God's word.  it is truly that simple.  here we list a number of resources that will help you in your studies.  we also offer a weekly study for you to hook in too.