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find a community of faith - a churches [+]

we are adding to this list everyday as the postmodern church grows - it's an incredibility long list (current count is over 304).  if your community of faith is looking to get posted, drop us an e and we will be happy to list your community of faith.  visit this section, pick the sate you are living in and see all the churches for this generation forming all over the place.


blogs [+]

we added a new section dealing with blogs, and we hope you like.  we added several friends, and other blogs we have visited.  we need to be honest and say that we did get some of the blogs, from other blog pages.  enjoy, and get connected.


what people say about us [+]

we post all the "comments" we receive.  even if the comments are not flattering to us.  we are not out to please everyone, so we - on occasion - get some pretty tight stuff.  but most of what we get is very supporting to what we are strive to do.  


straight talk [+]

each week we have an opening article by pastor john, of someone else.  these articles can be funny, silly, serious, confusing, or angry - they can be gems or the worst written garbage you have ever read, but on thing is for sure - they are honest and from the heart.


postmodern theology egroups [+]

we have put together a list of some egroups dealing with a postmodern reality.  the list is small, but growing.  check them out, and if you can - join one.  hearing your voice is important as we move ahead in faith.


dna [+]

did you ever wonder who we are at  did you ever wonder if we had a vision?  did you ever wonder if we had a purpose?  did you ever wonder what that slimy green stuff was in the folds of very large people?  well, exclusive of the green stuff, this is the place to find all the information you could ever want to know about - scary, right?


apologetics [+]

in this section we have answered some major questions of community of faith.  now, we will admit it our opinion, and no one is required to take that opinion to heart.  we only offer this as a starting point for you or others in your community to begin their spiritual walk.  this is the achieves for all position papers


the rewrite project [+]

we are in the process of rewriting the book of romans.  why?  because we felt led to, and we think the idea is fun.  some have expressed concern about this project, because of the nature of the scripture.  we understand, but we fell God is leading us in this project.  we suggest you take a look at the project.  we think you will like what we have done so far. 


7 questions [+]

being connected is a major part of developing a solid community - if you are not listening to each other how can you care about each other?  in this section we record the voices of others in the "postmodern movement" (known as PoMo).  each week we ask 7 questions of different people, and exclusive of editing for spelling, we give you their answers as they write them - no changing, just purity.  you will be surprised who answered the seven questions in the past.


punk monkey [+]

this is just fun - punk monkey is our "mascot" (actually it's heather's and pastor john's alter ego).  punk monkey is a place were we can vent on issues with humor, and without coming to a conclusion - punk monkey stories are designed to help you come to a conclusion, and one you pick.  to get to know more about punk monkey, and his past, check out this section and read his opening articles, we think you will like.


story [+]

truth is in the narrative, not in the directive.  this section is filled with stories.  we add to them as we get new one, and if you desire to participate join right in.  we would love to read what you have.


message boards [+]

this is exactly what it says it is - our message board.  you can drop a message here for us, or for a friend, or for anyone you wish.  we encourage you to dialog with those who have written for ginkworld, we want to know your voice.  by doing so we have the opportunity to react to the questions, and so will others.


classified ads [+]

actually, this is a section on our message board creating a "tribal exchange."  we want to offer a place where people from all over the world and "swap" or "trade" or "sell" things - but please, this is not a place to place an ad to sell garbage - or insurance, or promote a ministry - it's an open exchange so people can get what they need.



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