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us colleges, universities and seminaries [+]

we have added this new list of christian colleges, universities and seminaries to help you find a place where you can seek God's call and move ahead in ministry


tattooing and body art [+]

we have started to list christian artists who display their art in the form of tattooing.  the list is short, but we think it will increase as people find they can add their name, site and phone number


body piercing [+]

we have added a list of places you can get pierced, or get supplies for the newly developed hole in your body.


leadership [+]

here you will find a large list of resources designed to bring out the leader in us all - 


small groups [+]

the best way to grow a church is to be a loving, open, caring community of faith; and the best way to be all that is with small groups and home groups.  we offer a long list of resources for just that - also, you will find resources on "church planting" here.  most plants start out in the home with a small group.


books [+]

we have one of the largest selections of pomo books on the net - over 80 books plus daily updates powered by  we have all your reading needs, and in a relationship with we have even more.  these pages are graphic intense and will take a little while to load - well worth the wait.  also, from our book section you can get reviews and other important info.


music [+]

we have the largest selection of music dealing with christian alternative on the net - we list over 200 bands, and  their sites, so you can check them out for yourself.  we also offer reviews of current releases and a list of current releases -w e hope you like.  we also list several radio stations for you to examine.  check them out for the call letters in your area.


ezines [+]

ezines, ezines, everywhere ezines - and we have a large and growing list of ezines.  you can check out what others are thinking and writing about life, God and religion - good resource.


worship [+]

we offer a large selection of worship resources, all with one thing in mind - to get you closer to God. we offer pages in the following areas:

[+] worship music

[+] art and graphics

[+] worship

[+] drama and video

[+] book list


dating [+]

finding that special person, that soul mate, can be hard in today's world.  we offer a large list of christian, and playfully safe, places to meet the person of your dreams.


marriage [+]

marriage is hard, to say the least.  we need God in our relationships to help bring us together.  we have a great list of resources to help you and your partner in your walk together.


parenting/family [+]

marriage, them family - change is enough to make you pull your hair out (that is, if you did not shave it off).  check out this list of resources to help you and your family grow with each other.


missions [+]

pastor john has said many times, "we are a date book people, not a check book people."  this section will help you put your faith into action.  no matter what your looking for, short term or long term, we have a listing for you.



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