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to sample a wide selection of alternative christian music check out "gink radio" and take a look at the selection of MP3 we have to offer.  we believe we have the largest selection of alternative christian music with a great selection of bands, labels, festivals and indie bands.  if we missed one, or you believe you would like to have your band listed - drop us an email and fill us in. 


[+] coffee shops:

www.thehousewebsite.com - An inter-church, mulit-generational Christian Coffee House and Cafe with live music nightly in Indianapolis, Indiana

Guilty Expression - Rants and raves inspired by a passionate, frustrated love for God.


[+] band sites:


[+] a-z     [+] indie bands

[+] www.ginkworld.net' MP3 section

[+] label sites and festivals

[+] radio stations and  music stuff

[+] new releases and current reviews - you can now purchase your favorite album with through us via amazon.com



[+] free music downloads:


artist: "Gravitate Music"

site:  www.mp3.com/Gravitate

blurb: "Gravitate is diverse music that paint images in your mind, ranging from electronica to pop to meditative. The music includes some vocal tracks and many instrumentals.   Gravitate loves Gink and has put a link from it's site to yours. You are riding the wave that is taking church outside it's four walls and back into the world where it was intended to have it's effect. Keep up the good work and may God greatly bless your efforts."


artist:  3 man quartet

site:  3 man quartet

blurb:  Our music is honest, straightforward and heartfelt. We want to create positive uplifting music that speaks to the human condition on a deeper level, raising up God as the ultimate alternative. Our music touches on themes of love, justice, prejudice, silliness and worship. 


artist: 18 spped tranny

site: 18 speed tranny

blurb:  free downloads of some of the best new heavy underground rock/metal to come along in years.  stoner grunge vibe


artist:  spear ritual

site:  spear ritual

blurb:  an evolving music site where downtempo rhythms, reggae grooves and african tribal beats collide in the message of jesus christ.



[+] promoters and resources:


jim's christian music promotions - a one-stop, self-help music resource center. 


[+] songwriters:


nick clayson - christian song write

mediatunes - john pape jr. songwriter.  


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