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development is a place where you can find things that will help you contact us and link to us.  it is also the place where you can learn about our consulting services and other ways we can help your church minister in a postmodern world.  we also list other places that offer the same services we do - it's an emerging church thing.












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website templates [+]

we now offer a selection of website templates you can purchase from us.  we base this 100% on trust, and honesty - we know that no christian church, community of faith, or ministry would steal from us - so, take a look and see what you like, then pay the fee and place an order - blessings


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link to the gink and help us grow - we love it when we do a web search and find all the people who are hooking to us, it's exciting.  look at the graphics we offer for your link - keep in mind we do not require you use a graphic to link to the gink - simple words will do.


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this is a page of email edrress and our snail mail address and phone numbers


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we can help you design a web site and a logo - check out some of our past work.


consulting [+]

are you trying to reach a new generation for christ and are lost in the process - we can help.  we have designed church plants and outreach events for communities of faith trying to reach this generation for christ, give us a call.


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