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2002 graphic cd 

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if we have had one request over this year it has been for our graphics - so, we have put all our classic graphics on one cd.  


cost:  $21.95 for over 50 original graphics

delivery:  we ship the cd out  one week after receiving payment.

(for an additional $10.00 we can over night the cd - but that puts the cost way to high - give it two weeks.)


you can either make a payment via our paypal account


 -  or -

to get your copy, please send a check or money order (made payable to "john o'keefe") for $21.95 to:

(please make checks payable to:  john o'keefe)

2051 n. torrey pines #1055

las vegas, nv  89108


make checks, or money orders, out to "john o'keefe"

([lease do not send cash - checks or money orders only) 



examples of what's on the cd:

(part of our "wife in tree" series - it's a long story)









 they come with the "words" and without the words - 




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