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i want to engage the culture that i'm removed from in the xn college bubble, i want to learn to see from eyes that aren't mine to spill light in words understandable

josh, cedarville oh


postmodern in thinking and discussion, but in graphics, way, way, way too safe!  and, I beg to differ, hardly postmodern.  needs a fresh edge. keep pushing!  

Ross Morgan, National Graphic Designer for Youth for Christ Australia 


Cool Site . . . awesome I found it. Thanks the guys at, and of course, Divine Providence!

Stephen, South Bend, IN


the gink is goooood. as dan kimball said on his site could get lost for hours in here.



"since i found ginkworld about 6 months ago i have loved the articles, ideas, and interviews i have found here.  of all of the sites that claim to deal with postmodern issues, this is the on that i most seem to resonate with and that that expresses what i am and that challenges me to keep thinking.  keep up the great work."

j. hall, oklahoma city, ok


"very N*I*C*E."

Keith, nj 


"look, i don't care about all this.  i just need money for wine and smokes."

man on the streets 


"why are you bugging me?  get away from me.  if you don't leave me alone i will mace you!"

a lady at the bus stop 


"quite ginky"

phil, new york


"it rawks"

lilabs, oklahoma


"wow, nice site.  such great resources"

tony, "21044"


"i don't know much of your sites content and resources but i think it's cool :-)

dan, philippines


"your doing good things, keep us informed"

john, ca


"cool site"

jesus. az


"so far i think ginkworld is an excellent resource for leaders seeking to engage the emerging culture."

dino, bartlesville, ok


"thinking that pushes my understanding and challenges my ignorance."

ben, redwood city, ca


no fluff ..... GOOD STUFF!!

kemp, western wisconsin


" is great, i check in every week or so just to get in touch with my postmodern side."

wesley, gilbert az


"i think it's pretty cool.  when i have more time i'll look in detail."

ikaika, hawai'i


"great stiff.  hope i get more involved soon."

alexia, new jersey


"i think it's very creative and super cool, i have never seen a web blog so intense like this before... keep it coming along and rock on."

josephine, florida


"i've been pretty impressed with the level of authenticity and sometimes brutal honesty in this site and the postmodern theology group on yahoo."

"bigolewannabe," KS


"i like it!  it's refreshing, original and bluntly honest.  this is what the church needs desperately right now.  the world is sending the church a message.  you have your finger on the pulse of many outside the church today."

michael, gilbert, az


"wow - a site on postmodern and faith, and actually is postmodern!!"

janet, australia


" rocks!!!!!  i dig your cool design.  it's really cool!"

andrew browne, barbados


"what is a "gink?""

erik john fisher, marion, in


"confirms concerns i have developed over the institution of "church"...and real desires and purpose of the body of believers."

jody, sneed, midland, tx


"it's groovy"

aaron scott, kansas city, ne


"i think it's great.  but then again i also thought sugar sandwiches were great when i was a growing up."

ron, ky


"this is how a "meat and potatoes" christian "fixes dinner."  no more jarred baby food for me."

ryan, las vegas, nv


"yup, it's site on the net.  shmooze, shmooze and all that.. on yeah, thanks for the email."

chuck, mt. carmel, il


"i'm intrigued.  this is the kind of ministry that really speaks to me."

wesley, las vegas nevada


"ginkworld, sminkworld - i know nothing about such things" 

elderly man on the streets


"just what i've been looking for...this site is such a big help!  you gotta love da' gink."

matt in charlotte


"i love this site.  as a church planter in the sf bay area, the discussions with other church planters and christian thinkers is incredibly helpful."

james in redwood city


"for us non-postmodern thinkers, it is good to have a place where thoughts are expressed that are not superficial.  it makes the postmodern thinkers (my kids) easier to understand."

rick in new jersey 


"i think is an excellent site.  it's up front w/the word, and i look forward to knowing more, and learning from it as well as telling others about it."

joy in the phillippines


"sir, you must stop calling.  the white house considers this harassment.  we have your number, and the secret service will be contacting you."

the white house


"the site is great"



"ok, you give me 50 bucks and i'll say i love the site - deal?"

homeless in las vegas


" has a cool name.  then you got people here with cool names like "punk monkey."  the best part, (aside from the cool names and articles) is the great links.  i feel so connected."

the army penguin, new york

(punk monkey says, "talk about cool names")



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