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the gink/punk monkey


   John C. O’Keefe




   status:  single

   Children: Heather


Mdiv from Drew



scars from life.



number of extremities:

arms, 2; legs 2; fingers. 10 (including the opposable thumb); toes, 10.



head, none (the wonders of a mach3 and shaving cream); chin, just a bit; ears; none yet; nose; none yet



My nature is very easy going – I enjoy a good friends, good times and good laughs.


some stuff i like and dislike:



star trek (all except the original)

good friends

words that start with "x"

music (all except country - it's too depressing)

Popeye's chicken

hiking and camping

open hearts

small red things, with fuzz on them



sharp objects plunged into my eyes (actually, plunged into any part)

hairy creatures crawling on my back

anything named after a goldfish

anything that rhymes with "smoogle"

kentucky fried chicken 

boring movies

closed minds

big blue things without fuzz


if i were in the matrix




currently, john is the pastor of student ministries at "the wayk" the student conversation at harbor community church in folsom california.  if you are around the area, look him up.


dream community of faith; one formed out of a deep passion and rebellion - a passion for christ and helping the lost, and a rebellion against the status quo


Excellence Honors God and Motivates People: I am committed to Christ and Outreach, and believe we need to “get off our butts, and into the streets” to share the Gospel with those seeking to find God in their lives.  I firmly believe in excellence in ministry, worship and all things we do for God


personal mission


  To be part of a community of faith looking to be a relevant and regional force in the community for Christ. Where, as its DNA, the community desires a vision, and plan, to help develop followers in their individual walk with Christ and seek to plant other churches over time


personal vision statement:  To bring the Gospel to this generation of not-yet-believers in a dynamic, relevant way; and be outside the box


key life scripture:  "Summing up: Be agreeable, be sympatric, be loving, be compassionate, be humble.  That goes for all of you, no exceptions.  No retaliation.  No sharp-tongued sarcasm.  Instead, bless - that's your job, bless.  You'll be a blessings and also get a blessing." (1 Peter 3:8-9, The Message)

Community Events:

The following is a list of emerging church connective communities I either founded or belong to:


Founded Postmodern Theology one of the largest e-groups dealing with postmodern theology, postmodern culture and the emerging church.

Founded postmodern theology blog

Founded praxis blog – a daily devotional published on the internet.

Founded postmodern tribe

Member of kingdom space a large international emerging ministry blog

Member of “seven the blog” and I write for ::seven magizene

Member of what is chrisianity?


Articles/Books Published:

The following is a list of articles published outside of

The Ooze

§          Image of imagery

§          “Withnessing”

§          A postmodern narrator

§          Form and Function

§          10 reasons why your church sucks

§          “I see dead people”

§          Back in the loop:  Blessings out of Tragedy


§          P2p in a p world

§          Getting back the edge

§          Body art and the Zen of commitment


I also write for ::seven::, Phuture and other ezines and blogs all dealing with Postmodern Ministry and Theology.











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