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Massivivid -Dressed to the Nines... Armed to the Teeth!

petra - revival


oc supertones - live.  this is a great album with a great sound. flash backs are well worth the purchase price.

under oath - solid state records - the florida boys did it again - a must for the collection - and for worship.

john reuben -

just the way i like my reuben - lean and full of flavor - excellent


toby mac, Momentum

- one of the three founding members of dc talk.  while we enjoyed listening to this ablum, it will not land on our shelves as "best."

creed - Weathered

while there is always debt concerning the "christianity" of creed. we still believe this is a great album and worth adding to the shelves.

reviewed soon

sonicflood - great stuff

this is a great album - one you should listen too - sonicflood has done it again.

check back soon for a review - and more

go fish - still getting it right.  we think you will enjoy this little sample of good stuff.  it could be better, but it is worth having.




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