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in this section we have a ton of resources dealing with small groups, house church and church plating - take a sin and see what comes up.









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Jeffrey Arnold

The Big Book on Small Groups


Joel Comiskey

Leadership Explosion: Multiplying Cell Group Leaders for the Harvest

Groups of Twelve: A New Way to Mobilize Leaders and Multiply Groups in Your Church

Home Cell Group Explosion: How Your Small Group Can Grow and Multiply

Reap the Harvest: How a Small-Group System Can Grow Your Church


Bill Donahue

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups


Richard R. Diefenderfer, Jr.

Creating Christian Communities - This recently published book describes how a simple cell-based church system can equip ordinary people with ordinary skills to do an extraordinary job for the Kingdom of God!


Carl George

Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership

The Coming Church Revolution: Empowering Leaders for the Future

Prepare Your Church for the Future


Larry Stockstill - The Cell Church: Preparing You Church for the Coming Harvest



www.rememberchrist.com - A website that focus on exalting Jesus Christ and encouraging traditional churches and house churches to partner together in church planting and in the ministry of the gospel.


Solitude and Streets:  there seems to be something missing in many of our lives as we enter this new millennium. we feel out of control, but we like living on the edge. we juggle our time between family, friends, and other obligations, while still trying to maintain a sense of who we are. 


Bishop Blowe and Full Gospel Churches Inc - "Behold! He rest upon thee." Welcome to the Full Gospel Churches, Inc. international.


denominational resources

the Episcopal church 

the foursquare church

Church Planter's Cafe (Vineyard)

Church Planting   (Nazarene)

New Church Development (C RC)

Newsletter (Vineyard)

New Church Planting (ABC)

Canadian Church Planting (FEBCC)

Church Planting (CGGC)

Church Planting Pages (Vineyard)

Cutting Edge Church Planting (Vineyard)

Church Planting Resource Center (SDA)

Church Planting Center (UBC)

Church Planter Teams (Foursquare)

TeamAmerica (BGC)

New Church Development (UMC)

Lazarus Plan (Church Restart)

Church Planter Management System (SBC)

NAMB Church Planting (SBC)

Church Planting (Friends Church)

Destined to Double (UPCI)

Great Lakes Church Planting (Baptist)

Church Planting and Restart (MCFD)

Church Planting (MCN)

ChurchPlanting.Org (CUBC)

World Impact (Urban Church Planting)

ACT Strategy (Grace Brethren)



independent and denomination resources for church planting.

emergentvillage - brian mcLaren

truthandthings - carmen dicello

djchuang - dj chuang

futurechurch - tom hohstadt

liquidthinking - Mark


acts 29

Church Resource Ministries

Church Planting Resources Home

Church Planting Ministries 

Dynamic Church Planting International

Handbook for House Churches

Church Planting Bibliography

Church Planting Articles (Ralph Wilson)

Church Planting Resources

Handbook for House Churches

Church Smart Resources

Church Planting Bibliography 

Think Coach Church Planting Articles

Elmer Townes Online Books 

Bill Easum's Church Planting Workbook

Church Planting 

Outreach Canada

Church Starter's Resource

Multihousing Church Starting

Purpose Driven Church Planting




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