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The key to remember is this - we do not rise to the role of leader, we descend to it - I see this as a "downward mobility" principle of leadership.


[written by john o'keefe; based on mark 9:33-35; 10:42-45, john 10:4;27, 1 peter 2:1-10, ephesians 4:11-12, hebrews 5:11-14]










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very member a minister every leader a servant


Keeping all this in mind, I firmly believe that serving as a leader in the church is not the same as serving in a business culture.  While I acknowledge that there are some business aspects to the church - record keeping, finances, and others - I also acknowledge that they are not what governs or directs the church in ministry (lack of money is not an excuse for not caring, and doing what one person wants, or a group of people want, based on what they give is equally as wrong).  Business clearly maintains a competitive edge, and a competitive drive.  I recognize that Jesus spoke out against this competitive or "power-up" mentality because it puts others down, and seeks to serve one's personal gains over that of the community of faith.  I believe, in order to lead God's way, one must recognize their humble role as a servant to the community of faith, and all those who attend (servant understand their role, they do not overstate their rule).  I believe that once a person understands their servant role it strengthens them as people and develops a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.




some great discipleship/leadership sites


jordon cooper

jordon has a great selection of useful information and a wonderful pick of stories and so very much more. 



a great place for leadership information and a great dialog


Christian Leadership Academy

Comprehensive courses of communication and biblical studies 


Discipleship Resource Center

A site dedicated to providing relevant information to the new disciple, the disciple maker or anyone else who wishes to grow spiritually.


Velocity - Leadership development and postmodern culture through training events and web.


Leadership Network

Leadership Network: Accelerating the Emergence of Effective Churches


Leadership University

Leadership University is a virtual university with a distinct focus.


Christian Leadership Ministries Homepage

End God and Academy Conference Link



award-winning and relevant editorial provides timely insights


resources for the postmodern reformation


A web site by church thinkers Bill Easum and Tom Bandy


A site to discuss the nature of ministry, faith, and leadership in the 21st century


Apologetics forum - www.apologeticsfourm.blogspot.com 


up/rooted -  www.up-rooted.com   a collaborative friendship to understand and engage the emerging post-Christian culture 


EDGES with Mal Fletcher - www.edges.tv  -  EDGES with Mal Fletcher is a magazine style tv-program that aims to present positive, Christian responses to modern social and lifestyle issues. 


Christians for Biblical Equality

We believe that the Bible teaches the complete equality of men and women in the home, church, & society, and that all people should be free to serve Christ without regard to gender, race, or socioeconomic class.


www.nextwaveonline.com - Next Wave International,  This is the place to find the latest news about what God is doing through Next Wave International, as well as a source of great articles by Mal Fletcher and others. You can also download or listen to audio messages online. There is a PDA version of the site as well as links to video materials, an online shop, and more.



books for the disciple/leader in us all

George Barna
The Second Coming of the Church

Generation Next: What You Need to Know About Today's Youth


Bill Easum
Leadership on the Other Side: No Rules, Just Clues
Dancing With Dinosaurs: Ministry in a Hostile and Hurting World


Stanley Grenz
A Primer on Postmodernism


Brian McLaren
The Church on the Other Side: Doing Ministry in the Postmodern Matrix


Robert N. Nash, Jr.
An 8-Track Church in a Cd World: The Modern Church in a Postmodern World


Tom Sine
Mustard Seed Vs. McWorld: Reinventing Life and Faith for the Future


Leonard Sweet
Post-Modern Pilgrims: First Century Passion for the 21st Century Church
SoulTsunami: Sink or Swim in New Millennium Culture
AquaChurch: Essential Leadership Arts for Piloting Your Church in Today's Fluid Culture
Eleven Genetic Gateways to Spiritual Awakening


Robert Webber
Ancient-Future Faith: Rethinking Evangelicalism for a Postmodern World


Tom Beaudoin
Virtual Faith: The Irreverent Spiritual Quest of Generation X


Tim Celek and Deiter Zander
Inside the Soul of a New Generation


Jimmy Long
Generating Hope: A Strategy for Reaching the Postmodern Generation


William Mahedy and Janet Bernardi
A Generation Alone: Xers Making a Place in the World



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