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1j13 - This is my blog, a journal that hopes to follow 1 Jn 1:3 - sharing what we've seen and heard, sharing in fellowship with others and with the Father.


A – E

richard burley - this is the ooze-man's own blog - and as he puts it: I HAVE CREATED A PHOTO WEBLOG - IN MY LANGUAGE, VISUAL VERSES TEXT -i love this guys, check it out. 

jordon cooper

Wendy Coope
CT's Weblog

Copernican Revolution 

Charlotte night and day prayer -  Towards 24/7 worship and intercession... our journey in Charlotte, NC
Alan Creech

Andrew Careaga

cre8d journal
Dead Yet Living

Discipleship Florafox website - This is a journal and clearinghouse for interactions regarding Christian responsibilities in the arts and visual culture. 

dream awakener - helping to start communities of faith in the heart of los angeles 



emerging minister blog - an emerging minister in every town USA shares thoughts on faith and culture in an emerging world. Blog is intended to share as many practical worship experience planning resources as possible. name


the bridge



F – J

mark freier - I am embracing my identity as God's Beloved!

kevin hartwig

JesusGeeks Theology

FutureMargins -  Fred Peatross

john jenzen  

Howler's Update

iggie's corner
the gaze
Darren Friesen
Alison Hawke


John's Thoughts - Random ramblings about life, the church and where we're heading on this journey of life...


K – O


Thomas Knoll - my personal blog blog.  just the thoughts of a winsome prophet 

Laura's Mind  - Laura's Mind is a blog where I sort through what following Jesus looks like in real life.

The Living Room - Living room is a small emerging church meeting in cafes, homes and other public spaces in the inner north of Melbourne Australia. Together we are exploring what it is to be church in the time and culture where we live.

Modern Heresy blog -  tainted truth of re/deconstruction 

LifeWay Christian Resources - Matt Tullos is Editor of Let's Worship Magazine and author of 12 books and 2 CD Roms of worship tools. This is his daily journal. 

Lucas Land's Blog - one more blog for you to read... one more thing to keep me off the streets

lutheran confessions - young theologians thinking through and commenting on the Lutheran Confessions

Laura's Mind is a blog where I think about the intersection of college ministry, being a seminary student, and Christian life in general. Basically sorting through what following Jesus looks like in real life.

Jesus Museum

NextReformation blog -  Seeking a new church in a time of transition... 

nothing, it's just my daily rants - I'm just a Christ lover who love to think differently from others. 

John O'Keefe -' main blog


OIKOS blog -   - a california boy in paris, following jesus everywhere name 

Orizantos - Simple minds for simple people.


P – T

Penicuik Churches Youth Project - This is just a blog...its not so much about PCYP as it is about my ramblings. Current title: "Facilitating Chaos", because that's what being a youth worker usually feels like! I'm the Youth work Coordinator here for the PCYP, while doing a youth work/theo degree at International Christian College in Glasgow. I'm a American, thru and thru though! Just blessed to be here. :)


kevin rains

Pop Culture Junk Mail

Progress:  a side-by-side community with South Metro Church in Oklahoma City

mike todd  - Waving Or Drowning?  Working out my personal journey... thinking about the church... open to suggestions! 


This Train - seeking to transform our understanding of church by engaging coimmunity, culture and creation. 

Torrance 1st Baptist - - College-age group to mid-twenties; learning where God\'s truth intersects with real life and learning to live it intentionally

tim samoff // weblog - Personal Weblog of Tim Samoff (i.e., Jesus Christ, art, music, philosophy, postmodernism, etc.)

signposts - a collection of random musings about the challenges for the church in the new millennium name 


Mike Sanders

the searching -  a growing collection of the thoughts of one on the search for selah--the incarnate essence of the ineffable God. Living...loving...learning...laughing.
Doc Searls


saint mary's united church


U - Z


Urban Onramps

Waving Or Drowning? - Comtemplating faith, the church and The Kingdom in this postmodern age we find ourselves in.

What is Church?

wee beautiful pict - An experiment! a live blogging tale of emergence A time traveling trainee 7th century monk from north east scotland bumps into a 21st century DJ Haggis - on Calton Hill in the middle of Edinburgh, Scotland - one at the fresh faced beginning of Xtianity - one at the end... this is their blog!
John Wallis

U2 Sermons - Telling the story of the book _Get Up Off your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog_; lots of general U2 and God stuff as well.



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