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1: Is Anything too Hard for the Lord?
How I finally became a published novelist.

2: Mikey's Jesus Suit
A short story about a boy named Mikey, who wanders through a desert wearing a Jesus Suit. He meets a lot of people and even makes some friends. From The Desert (Silly Hat Press).

3: The Rule of St. Isaac
A fictional account of communal life among "the silly-hatted merry monks of Lafidonia," and their equally fictional leader, Abba Isaac. From the book The Desert (Silly Hat Press)

4: The Dessert
An short story introducing Brother Mustard, a recurring character in The Desert (SillyHat Press)

5: A View From the Path
It was one of those dark nights where the stars are visible. You know one of those nights that cannot be found in the city? The gray sidewalk was seen on account of the brightly colored lights surrounding the neighboring houses.

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Stephen Miracle is a man of many thoughts. His current endeavors include being a computer teacher, participating in a worship band, being a visionary, creating the tech side of your ginkworld, and most importantly a compassionate father, husband and son.

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