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Hard Questions


can we truly answer a question to any ones satisfaction?

No, we can’t.  in fact, this answer will not be satisfactory to some.  All we can do is answer with what we believe to be right.  We agree, and accept, with people who disagree with us.  We think it’s cool; it opens dialog, and allows us to grow as Christians.  So, while we cannot truly answer a question to everyone’s satisfaction is all right, we trust God.




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christ, his nature:

these questions deal with the nature of christ and how we see christ interacting in our lives.


christianity, general:

these are general questions concerning christianity - is it for the weak?  why all the hate? and so many more.


christianity, gifts:

these questions deal with the gifts of the spirit and how they apply today.


christianity, lifestyle:

these questions deal with how do we live as christians in a postmodern world.  we deal with issues ranging from tats, piercing and drinking - and so much more.


christianity, new age:

january 06, 2002 - "do all christians accept or reject 'new age' teachings?" 



this section asks some pretty interesting questions about church and how we, as people, relate to church.


God's plan:

this section deals with the way we see God's plan and how it effects everything around us - 


God, the nature of:

this section deals with the way we see God's nature






is doubting ok?  dies it matter if you buy the whole package?  these questions deal with such issues and we hope we can help - because this is a tough one.



these are questions dealing with leadership in a postmodern community of faith.



these deal with the issue of war - and you need to know that the one who answers these questions is a pacifist - guess how we lean?


no category: 

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