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february 15, 2003 - "how would you deal with God as a jealous God?"


i know the passage you mean, where God says he is a "jealous God" (exodus 20:5) - but i am not sure i would have translated it as "jealous" at that point - maybe passion, or passionate - "i am a passionate God" - ?


the word in hebrew is "qanna" and has a component of having a passion connected with it.  the reason i personally would not use the word "jealous" has more to do with the idea that "words change meaning over time."  so a word like "qanna" that meant "jealous" at one time, may not mean that today - because the definition of "jealous" may not be the same - we need to look at what does the word mean, not what does it say - for example in the kjv we are told to "suffer the children to jesus" - suffer?  the word suffer has a whole different meaning today then it did when they wrote the kjv.  the word we use today is "bring."  you see, the original greek did not change, the meaning of the word did not change - only the word we used to translate the word.