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hard questions : christ, his nature: 



january 21, 2002 - "How can Jesus be both human and God?"

i remember when i was a kid grouping up, my mother always gave us a choice.   we could select from either a milky way or skittles.  i personally hated that i had to choose - i wanted them both, and i could not see why i could not have both.  you see, when people give me a choice between jesus being human or being God - i have the same reaction, why must i choose?  the poet lord byron was a man who was an agnostic at best and an atheist at worse, said this concerning the divinity of jesus christ:  "if ever man was God, or God was man, jesus christ was both."


for me, it is natural to think of jesus as both God and man.  just as my nature is to be a father and husband, both are not exclusive of each other nor are they separate.  in a postmodern world, compartmentalizing life is impossible.  in a modern world, compartmentalizing is acceptable, and encouraged.  but placing things into neat little packs we can work with is just not right.  yes, it is hard to see jesus as both man and God, but that was his nature.  in colossians (2:9) paul writes, "for in christ all the fullness of God lives in bodily form."  


march 01, 2002 -  "did jesus claim to be anything more then just a rabbi?" 

there seems to be some concern among some "progressive" theologians today to take the divinity away from jesus.  in fact, many people think as a postmodern ministry, or as a postmodern church, we would deny the divinity of jesus - but we don't.  we will admit that we push the envelope, and will continue to push; we will openly deconstruct all forms of doctrine and tradition , and will continue to deconstruct; we have examine the claims of jesus' divinity, and will continue to examine them.  we find the divinity of jesus as central to our faith and salvation.  here's what jesus said about who he was:


jesus claimed to forgive sins (the work of God) - matthew 9:6

jesus offered a true alternative to the law, grace - matthew 11:29

jesus claimed to offer people a great gift - rest - matthew 11:25-26

jesus was able to reveal God to all who wanted him - matthew 11:27

jesus was able to tell God who was and was not a follower - matthew 10:32


here's what j. j. rousseau a well know atheist said concerning jesus:


"if the life and death of socrates were those of a sage, the life and death of jesus were those of a God."



may 15, 2002 - Why is it that Christians claim that Christianity is “better” then all other religions?

I know I am not going to make a ton of friends with the first part of my answer, but here goes.  I think that any Christian that has an attitude that Christianity is “better” then other religions is not very Jesus-like.  Now, that is not to say I believe that Christianity is a “religion among equals.”  Because I believe Christianity is true, and Jesus is God incarnate – you see, while I would say the other religions are wrong (as those who follow what they teach would say I was wrong) I would also add that they do have a great deal to teach us.  But that does not negate the fact that those of other faiths feel the same way about their chosen belief they believe Christianity is wrong – does that make them “closed-minded?” 


To me, and to many others, the unique nature of Jesus is found in his life, teachings and mission.  Notice I did not say in the actions of his followers, or in the creeds and dogma of the teachings.  I believe that Jesus is the salvation of the world.  His teachings, when we live by them, will usher in a new and powerful age of love and acceptance.   I believe Jesus taught to love everyone – everyone, accept all people – all people, forgive everything – everything, and never, never, never fight – for any reason.  Radical?  Maybe, but Jesus was the ultimate radical.