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sacred gateway

YouthFront worked with a Jesuit order in Ireland to bring this devotional exercise to the Internet. Fifteen minutes and you're recentered in Christ.

build churches

Dedicated to building Irish churches spiritually, physically and financially. 


For anyone interested in missions, being a part of a one-year apprenticeship, living overseas, being trained by missionaries, living in tight community, and serving cross-culturally to better the Kingdom and Glory God. 

lanuage/translations/cultural links:

english/irish dictionary

this is by far the best source for translations around.  you can got either way, "english/irish" or "irish/english" - it's a source we use the most.


a site for the Irish, both at home and abroad, and especially the Irish diaspora - all 100 million of us scattered around the four corners of the globe.

Daltaí na Gaeilge

a site dedicated to promoting and teaching the Irish language. The English translation of our name is "Students of the Irish Language". Although many of our members are fluent Irish speakers and teachers, most of us are students still working hard to learn the language. ALL of our work is done by volunteers. We hope that our homepage will both encourage and assist you to learn the Irish language, which has the oldest living literature in Western Europe.


The Celtic Image
Author: Courtney
Celtic Art
Author: Miranda
Celtic Culture
Author: John Koch; Buy New: $485.00
A Celtic Primer
Author: Brendan O'Malley; Buy New: $17.13
Celtic Body Art
Author: Aileen Marron
Dictionary of Celtic Religion and Culture
Author: Bernhard Maier;




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