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welcome to the evolution.  we are an emerging/evolving site exploring what it means to be an apprentice of the jesus in today's world.  we are striving to be a place where our faith and our lives are hyper linked to the organic; we are connective, missional and relational.  our desire is to move in the conversation, to be an active voice while not dominating the conversation.



who are you trying to reach?


ginkworld is a diverse, open and expressive community that is growing each and every week.  from our humble starts as a free page, we have grown to a community reaching more people then we ever figured would happen.  as our founder [john o'keefe] always says, "we were born out of a passion and rebellion; a passion for God and a rebellion of the status quo."  this idea, this the central thought that helps guide who we are;  it tells us that we are first to seek to know who God is, and second to not simply do what everyone else is doing.  so, the question that guides that is, "who do you desire to reach?"


if you are looking for a young, evolving, open, expressive and accepting people, think about placing an ad with us.  we have roman catholics, protestants [of all kinds], orthodox, neo-orthodoxy and we even have those would say they were "heretics" - but mostly, we have people seeking to walk a closer walk with God, and many of them defy boxes.


we have to face the reality that it is not a matter of "when will things will be different" - things are different right now; the paradigm has shifted and we see the world in a very different way then our parents.  for many this is frightening, but for us it is exciting.  we know we do not live in the same world our parents lived in, but how do we minister to a changed world:


"back in the day," friendship was defined by who you went to school with or who lived on your block; today we have friends we have never met, in lands we have never been.

"back in the day," marriage was the norm and most people had a "mother and father;"  today more people live together then are married, and single parents are a growing part of our culture.

"back in the day," going to church was a norm; today, it is not even on the table as an option.

"back in the day," over 90% of americans were christian and our culture was "judeo-christian;" today, well think about it.

"back in the day," people stayed with a company for 20 plus years and developed "company loyalty;" today, people change jobs every three years or so, and change careers about every 5 years.

"back in the day," tv was black and white and less then 40% of the public had a phone - today, tv is in "high def," computers are in about 60% of all homes and 75% of all schools and most 12year olds have a cell phone on a family plan.

"back in the day," a person would get a news paper to catch the news; today, most of our news comes via the wireless internet, which can be found free in most metro areas.


the reality is, the world has changed, and so has our culture.  we could debate if the changes are good or bad, but we would rather figure out how to minister to the people today.


we have become a online, digital, interactive, interfacing, hyperlinked, connective, people and the best way to reach is is via the web - and we think ginkworld is just the place to reach out.


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