"Living in relationship is key to community"

     gink (gingk) n. Slang:  An odd or peculiar person.  [Cf. dial. E. gink trick]

take a look around, it's not what you think it is




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 some ginkworld sites:

community main page

communities of faith - here you will find a collection of communities of faith from all over the world.

blogs - a community is only as good as the voices it listens too.  here you will find a group of blogs with view points that run the range.

e-groups - yahoo and other groups that focus on postmodern/emerging thought

foto blogs - because as a vision people, pictures are important

coffee shops - a place where people can gather with friends, enjoy a cup of coffee and share their hearts with friends.

e-zines - this thing is way bigger then our simple minds.  here you will find a group of ezines looking at new ways of exploring our faith.

life cycle - here are a list of ministries that will help you through different parts of your life - from dating to raising the kids/

worship - keeping connected to God is central to our walk with christ.  here you will find worship resources to help in that walk.

study - learn, grow and ask questions.  here is a list of resources designed to help in your walk.

servanthood - postmodern/emerging "leadership" - less ceo and more poet, artist.  postmodern/emerging "leadership" is servanthood.

social stuff - still being defined and developed 


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