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The Open Online Dictionary of Faith

The Ginktionary is a unique emerging online dictionary. The idea of this site is to create an emerging/evolving christian dictionary, where we can explore words that are meaningful to our faith, and expressive to who we are as a people who seek to walk in the light of Christ. The idea, central to this project, is to be open, expressive, accepting and mostly kind and understanding. We are seeking for people to create definitions in community, in conversation and in the grace we seek to hold in all areas of our lives. While we are not seeking to control what is expressed online, we do ask that people follow one simple and basic guideline:

1. Grace: Grace covers so much, and we like that. Please, while working to define terms, ideas and expressions of faith let us always keep Grace in the front of our minds. may we live in grace, work in grace, exchange in grace and mostly know that grace is working as well.

Definition of the Week

Faith 3.The real underlying reality of our being, ideas and worldviews. Beyond reason and above all thought rests faith in every action.

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Recent Changes

Emerging & Evolving

One of the greatest things that has come through over the past couple of months with the Ginktionary comes from its emerging church roots & evolving philosophy. In order to keep up & be true to our roots the design, structure & feel of the site is continually being shaped before your eyes. Recently, a wiktionary search has been added to the edit page for an added feature to edit the dictionary. This dicitonary is growing before all of our eyes and we would love to reach out to others & hear their voice - spread the word, tell a friend that they can actually add a definition to an online dictionary.We truly desire to hear all voices in this online dictionary project, no matter their faith background, - the more the better.


The newest addition to the Ginktionary search now includes a daily faith definition. How amazing and useful would this be to have very personal definitions added daily to your site. This project is definitely a benefit to those interested as much as it is helping us. Find it here: Gink it

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