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1: Reflective Communication: Beyond Information Overload
A few minutes ago I checked my Bloglines Feeds to check up on any new articles. Two hours ago I sat through a meeting with my boss and co-workers about disciplining middleschoolers. Yesterday, I attended classes and days

2: Singability and Guitar Solos
What is this idea of "singability" in worship music? What does it mean? Is it relevant? I've heard so many different points of view on this that I thought I would share my thoughts on the issue.

3: image or imagery?
we were excited! we had just arrived in a new city and were excited about all the adventures that would face us. the

4: 10 reasons why your church sucks
About a month ago I was sitting at my favorite Starbucks with a friend who just recently came back to the church after a long absence. He

5: Connecting to the Divine
There's a song by Switchfoot called "Living is Simple". Part of the lyrics go like this:

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