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Defining Worship

by Adam Davidson


One of my favorite big theological words is "Omnipresence", because it sounds more impressive to describe this quality of God than it is to say something along the lines of "God is, you know, like...everywhere". Maybe it needs to be a big word due to the fact that God really is all over the place -- every square millimeter of the globe, every planet, and every galaxy can rightfully boast that "God is here". This factoid is much harder to understand than, oh, I don't know...cake. I can comprehend eggs and flower. What I will never understand is that God's omnipresence puts him above matter, time, and space; yet he calls me to worship Him. In fact, God pursues me. He wants me to stop, turn around, and get caught! He wants a relationship --- he desires my worship. Of all the places He can be (you, everywhere) and all the things he can do (read "omnipotent"), he chooses us. He chooses me.


The big question therefore is will I choose him? Will this monopresent creation respond to the Holy call of the Omnipresent Creator? If the answers is in the affirmative, then I must realize that my appropriate response to God (Worship) is nothing short of amazing. Worshipping God is the most important things that I will ever do. It will go on forever and yet it is momentary; my worship is tied down to a certain time and place.



Based on this, I would like to make two meager observations:


1. Since God is everywhere all the time (Omnipresence) and I am here in the now (monopresence), I have to realize that it is only by God's incredible Grace that I can know Him. Jesus literally stepped down so that I could know up (see Philippians 2:5-11) 


2. This means that I, as a worshipper, don't create worship. I am, instead, defined by my worship. The rule of prayer is the rule of faith. How I respond to Omnipresence speaks volumes of my understanding of who I am and where I'm at in this whole thing called "now". If I choose to Worship God through Christ, or if I choose to worship God's creation (there is no in-between), then I am defined by my worship as either one who realizes God's Omnipresence or one who forsakes it.


Humans will never fully be able to define worship. Cake? Sure. But not worship. What we can do is make a pretty solid definition of ourselves predicated on how we respond to God. He is everywhere. God's presence cannot be conjured up; that would be redundant. The question (again) is...will I respond to Him, and, more specifically, will I respond to Him always? My answer to this question says more about me than anything else ever could.





Adam Davidson is a husband (to Emily), father (to Alexis), and serves as Worship Pastor at CrossRoads Church in Temperance, MI.






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