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Unique handcrafted organic body jewelry made of wood, horn, and bone. Organic body jewelry represents a chance to respect the energy of life by assimilating it into our bodies and everyday lives.




Natural Body Jewelry

Wholesale to the trade natural body jewelry such as bone, stone, horn, wood, bamboo, jet, ethnic, and tribal.

nothing shocking

this is the best place we know of to find plugs, rings, and other piercing accessories at great prices - and they are christian - this one is worth checking out.

tribal glass





this is the association of christian tattoo artists.  they have a great list of members.  check them out

cherry creek flash

they have some great tattoo flash.

dancing swans flash

A brand new, superior quality tattoo flash art!

tattoos by hoss

this is a great place to get info on tats - they also have a great article on scripture and tats.

curt dogs tattoos

I’m a tattooist that longs to bring people’s souls to the surface!  I don’t want to just any tattoo, I want to give you a tattoo that touches your soul!


Bloodbought Tattoo

Welcome to Bloodbought Tattoo Flash! All of our flash sheets are designed by Tap (Curt Musgrave), a european award winning tattoo artist.


thailand tattoo center




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