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1: dude, lighten up. it's just jesus-oprah.
We're afraid to laugh at Oprah, or at Jesus, or anything sacred. Relax!

2: Lent: Learning Limits, Leaning, & Limping
I used to think fasting during Lent was a way of showing how strong I am; how resolved I can be. Easter being a sort of Christian New Year celebration, Lent affords the opportunity to work on New Years resolutions in

3: Art and The Artist
How do art and the artist intersect? Finding the balance between isolation and the fully lived life is like giving birth on a tightrope.

4: Discovery
My friend Paul was sharing with me a story about a recent trip to the mountains where he had an odd spiritual experience. It all started while walking with some of his friends along mountain trails on

5: subconscious chatter
i was standing on these vast empires and the birds began to fly waiting for a prophetic touch your wisdom you cant deny a coin was lost inside my pocket

6: Artists and Ministers
The artist and minister are brothers in this world- at least cousins. They are people who don't work, not really. Work is supposed to get your fingernails dirty

7: are churches building community?
I am not sure I would agree with the standard church line that many claim, “We are building community.” Most churches

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