THINK GREEN: "because we care for the planet"



ginkworld will give out a "think green" award to all churches dedicated to truly making a difference in the environment, and not just talking about it.  it is part of our "join the evolution" reality.  our "selection" of the award is based on the following:



there is a plan of action:  the community of faith, or ministry, has a plan of action to truly reduce, reuse and recycle to help the environment.


that is it, it truly is that simple.  at ginkworld we believe that God created this wonderful planet we live on, and it is our place to care for it.


links to other faith based environmental sites:

  Evangelical Environmental Network & Creation Care Magazine EEN is a biblically orthodox Christian non-profit organization.

  Evangelical Climate Initiative:  The Evangelical Climate Initiative is a consortium of evangelical leaders advocating a Biblical world view of environmentalism that emphasizes the effects of global warming on the world's poor.

  Let Us Tend the Garden: position papers, video and an active bulletin board.

  BeliefNet:  A "multi-faith e-community" that embraces skeptics as well as believers. This Web site includes spiritual inclination quizzes, articles about modern challenges to faith, lively discussion boards, along with links to sacred texts of various religions.


placing a graphic on your site:  just right click and copy and paste.



OR Place this code on your site:

" green.html">

" green 4.jpg"


"15" width="80" alt=", proof evolution is in flux" border="0">


and this small banner will appear: 




some graphics

to nominate a "think green" community of faith or ministry, simply email us at gink at ginkworld dot net and we will look over the site.  there can not be more then four winner per month [one a week].



past winners:

October 2006 [first award]

Village Presbyterian Church, Prairie Village Kansas 


December 2006

St David's Episcopal Church


January 2007

Vineyard Boise 


February 2007

Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church 


March 2007

The Fellowship of Life


April 2007


May 2007


June 2007


July 2007


August 2007


September 2007




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