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ginkworld is a diverse, open and expressive community that is growing each and every week.  from our humble starts as a free page, we have grown to a community reaching more people then we ever figured would happen.  as our founder [john o'keefe] always says, "we were born out of a passion and rebellion; a passion for God and a rebellion of the status quo."  this idea is the central thought that helps guide who we are;  it tells us that we are first to seek to know who God is, and second to not simply do what everyone else is doing.  so, the question that guides is, "who do you desire to reach?"


if you are looking for a young, evolving, open, expressive and accepting people, think about placing an ad with us.  we have roman catholics, protestants [of all kinds], orthodox, neo-orthodoxy and we even have those would say they were "heretics" - but mostly, we have people seeking to walk a closer walk with God, and many of them defy boxes.


we have become a online, digital, interactive, interfacing, hyper-linked, connective, people and the best way to reach is is via the web - and we think ginkworld is just the place to reach out.


Three Ad Sizes, Placements and Prices:


"front ads" 200x200:

these are the ads that run on the bottom of ginkworld's index page and the top quarter of every page [excluding pop-up pages] and is limited in size to be 200x200 pixels.  these ads are designed to get the most exposure and look less like "ads."  the cost for placing an ad in this section is $0.20 an Impression and $0.25 an Adclick.


"side ads" 275x70:

these are small, affordable ads located on the index page only and is limited to 275x70 pixels.  these are designed to be affordable, yet visible.  The cost of placing an ad in this section is $0.05 and Impression and $0.10 a Adclick. 


"banner ads" 468x60

located at the top of every page and the bottom of every community of faith pop-up page, the size is limited to 468x60 pixels.  this is the most visible and most shown ad on ginkworld.  the cost in placing an ad in the "banner ad" section is $0.21 an Impression and $0.27 an Adclick



we have no issues with running "campaigns."  each ad is prices on an individual basis and is billed on a collective basis.  we will consider running ads on a "our only ads" basis for a fee and for a short time only - but that would need to be discussed at the time of the contract.



if you need, ginkworld also offers a design component for your ads.  the cost for us designing an ad is $95 an hour; with most designs taking an hour or two to design [more for flash and other scripting]



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