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"i love it when evangelical freak over the differences in the birth narrative.  where one says joseph and mary were married, and the other engaged.  they scramble to make all fit, why?  because they can't deal with anything that violates victorian morals" - the gink


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Oisín, in the Land of the Young


A long, long time ago, Oisín (Asin) and the Fianna (Fionn's (Fin) companions) were out hunting.  They saw a  [-] more

story - here you will find stories and poems

A while ago I wrote an article titled “image or imagery.”  It was about an experience we had visiting a “postmodern community of faith” in ... [+] more


[+]by john o'keefe

straight talk - here you will find articles writedn from the heart
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[+] 7 questions

[+] punk monkey

we ask seven questions to different people in the emerging church.  this update we have [+] jesus of nazareth, son of God and all around great guy.  [+] who is this jesus 

seven questions - see how some people answer the 7q

What good is Christianity?  What value does Christianity have on the whole of humanity?  By looking at the current incarnation of the church and the fai... [-] more

punk monkey - it's ounk monkey, need we say more?
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[+] hard question   

[+] fresh fish award  

[+] I recently came across a book called ‘The Lost Books of the Bible.’  I know all my evangelical friends say they are ‘evil’ books.  Do these books have any value to the current church?

hard questions - sometimes we just have hard questions


[-] second harvest

fresh fish - a positive side to the faith
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[+] romans rewrite project [+] your voice 

[-] we have competed chapter 5 of romans, for the "romans rewrite project"


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the romans rewrite projest - you need to read it to see what we mean

[+]i would be maximus

        an essay by ron duty

[+]does a bear eat in the woods?

        a story, anonymous

[+]the salmon of knowledge

        a celtic myth


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need music? check out our music section - bands, concerts, festivals and so much more.

we have a wide selection of books dealing with the emerging church and the postmodern reality we live in.  check out what we have.

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[+] events for the emerging community

[-] june 25-29, 2003 - "soul survivor" in anahiem, ca

[-] january 20-22: theological conversation with stanley hauerwas (Chapel Hill)

[-] february 25-march 1: the emergent convention (san diego)

[-] june 16 - 20, 2003 (tentative): emergent summer institute 2003 (spencerville md)


emerging community events - things that are happening around in other areas of the emerging church

     if you have, or know of an emerging church event, let us know we will post it,

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