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2004 CD

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we have finished the new 2004 CD of graphics.  we have done some changes over last year and we hope it makes it easier for all who gets this cd - we developed "sections" and we even lowered the price.  the old cd was $21.95 but this new and improved cd is just $19.95.  last year we sold over 500 cds, and that was very exciting.


please allow two weeks for delivery 


 here is a sample of what is on this exciting cd:








 and over 270 other graphics for you to twist, morph, distort, play with and make your own.  once you buy the cd they are yours to do with as you like.









 just click and buy



or mail a check for 

$19.95 to:

106C Mormon 

Folsom, CA  95630


make checks payable

to "john o'keefe"


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