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 n-z - in this section we have over 25 books to help you in the process of developing your walk and understanding of the emerging culture:


authors in "gold" have answered "se7en questions" - check them out 






robert nash an 8-track church in a CD world











thom rainer  the bridger generation


dale robinson  Intersecting Lives


steve rabey 


douglas rushoff  media virus


claire rains  beyond generation X  




mike slaughter


tom shine  mustard seed vs. mcworld


lyle schaller  The New Reformation - it's here


chuck smith, jr 




Richard thau  generations apart


elmer towns  into the future






various  that neXt - great info for people looking to minister to this generation




 James L Wilson 


walter wilson  The Internet Church - getting connected


rick warren  the purpose driven church - a solid stand-by








ron zemke 


ragi zacharias  Jesus Among Other Gods - WOW, what else can you say



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