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 a-m - in this section we have over 25 books to help you in the process of developing your walk and understanding of the emerging culture:


authors in "gold" have answered "se7en questions" - check them out 






tom beaudion  Virtual Faith - a classic, and a must read




doug coupland  Generation X - a good starting point shampoo planet

 kristoffer cox genX and God

 rodney clapp  A Peculiar People - and at some level a "strange" people - check this book out and get connected

 andrew  careaga  eministry - a new and exciting read




sarah dunn  official slaker handbook




millard erickson  postmodernizing the faith




francis fukuyama 




darrell guder  the missional church

robin griffith-jones  Four Faces - a great book for people trying to figure out how the four writes of the gospels saw Christ


stephen graig  after the boom - what to do next with a new generation

glenn gaslin 


kevin grahamford  jesus for a new generation - how do you share christ with a new generation?




tom hohstadt  dying to live - change from the inside


neil howe 


geoffery holtz  welcome to the jungle











gerard kelly 





jimmy long  generating hope





ron montioa 


dawson mcallister  saving the millennial generation


 bill myers 


clarence mcclendon  the X blessing


alister mcgrath  a passion for truth



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