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welcome to ginkworld's "voices section" - we believe that every voice is worth hearing, and every person is worth listening too.  we strive to take voices that desire to take our faith and move it to the next level - we encourage people to question, doubt, ask, seek, find, want, need, know, and most of all we encourage people to look beyond themselves and into then face of God.

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articles archive:

general - articles with a general topic to them, they differ in style and content - and they do not have to be "theological" in nature.

culture - articles that take a look at our culture in connection with our faith.  they question both, our culture and our faith

theology - these are articles that are theological in nature, and we might agree or disagree - it's all from the heart.

worship - these are articles that deal with worship, and what that means - many of the people writing these are asking many questions

poems - expressions from the soul of where we are, who we are and how we got to be here.  they are meaningful and expressive

stories - truth is in the narrative and here we find a bunch of "truth."  they are both original and old (celtic old) - but they are real.

rewrite project - we take scripture and make it current - sometimes meaningful, and all the times controversial. 

position papers - where we stand on certain issues, and where others stand.  we are but a few voices, the more the better.





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